Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Everything Nice

But the fruit of the Spirit is…kindness. Galatians 5:22

A sweet pea in the pod, who is my expected granddaughter, has held off long enough to have had another shower. A few weeks ago, I talked about her first shower when she got so many clothes. This time, her parents got all of the “practical” gifts that they needed and now they’re really ready for her to come! Today, though, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the shower theme. It was a well thought out and appropriate theme: “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice—That’s What Little Girls are Made Of.” What a thought! How true I hope this will be of this little girl one day. Everything nice!

When she first gets here, though, she may not be all that nice to those around her. No doubt, she’ll be like all of the rest of us when first making our entrance into this not so wonderful world. After all, she is a daughter of Adam, and you know what that means. It means that she’ll be totally bent on getting her own needs met with no regard whatsoever for anyone else’s. At times, she’ll probably be mean enough to wake her parents out of a blissful sleep just because she wants something to eat. Other times, she’ll probably regurgitate yucky stuff all over whoever may happen to be holding her in a loving embrace and she’ll have no concern at all about what laundry headaches (or cleaning bills) this might cause them. There may even be a time when she’ll scrunch up her face and wail at Aunt So and So who has traveled miles just to meet her. Now how rude is that? She’ll do whatever suits her fancy at any given time and won’t give a hoot who doesn’t like it.

Okay, of course I’m just joking. And all of you know that Nanna can’t wait for it all to start. And then after all, she’ll only be a new infant who doesn’t know any better. But unfortunately, it could stay that way and stick if she doesn’t get help. But I know her parents. And I know they’ll want to see a little girl emerge who by and by will bring reality to that familiar little phrase that once was her shower theme. Everything nice. Some day, with their guidance and God’s help, maybe that will become true of our Selena. “Nice” can mean other things, but I’m thinking about kindness. I’m praying that someday we’ll see a little girl, and after that a young lady, who will grow the fruit of kindness. To grow this sweet fruit she’ll need the Spirit of God, won’t she? She’ll need Jesus. We who love her will keep praying for that. And we’ll keep on praying that one day we’ll see a little girl who is everything nice!


Mrs. S said...

We are praying the same thing! I'm sure she will have her "moments," but I hope she'll be known as a sweet and sincere little girl who is kind to others!!

Maxine said...

Do what you can and leave it to God to do the rest. And we all have our "moments!"