Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Healthcare Distortion

As some of you know, Voddie Baucham is a man whose ministry I have a good deal of respect for. So much is being said about this healthcare issue, as it should be, and he brings up some very important considerations on this. Look at the two short videos in the following link, but then be sure to read what he has to say about what he and his family's position is on health insurance. Very interesting.

Pastor Baucham's post

After hearing what I am about how our country intends to deal with older people under this administration's much touted healthcare solution, I have to admit I've been a bit shaken that it's come to this. It's no small matter, and one that all people with any moral scruples should address with our representatives in Congress. If you are an older individual or anywhere approaching your senior years OR if you have parents or others whom you love who fall into this category, and don't know about this, THIS IS A MUST READ:

Also please read this article by one of my favorite journalists at one of my favorite blogs. It has a bit more of a hopeful tone:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Belated Vacation Notes

Isn't it terrible when people make promises that they don't keep? Guilty here! I promised pictures of our vacation when we got back and never did what I said I would do. And I have no really good excuse, so please forgive. And not only that, but I'm going to cheat because I'm lazy--too lazy to do the uploading to Blogger myself.

I only uploaded this one picture of the lovely place which was the vacation home for a week for my husband and me, and our daughter Neesie, and our daughter Bev and her husband and their two little ones. It was a blessed place to be for all of us. This house is situated on the back of a lovely horse farm (our view was wonderful) with woods behind us where we saw deer in the mornings and evenings and other wildlife. It's strategically located in Frederick County, MD, so that we were able to travel to Washington, D.C. one day (via the Metro train); Gettysburg, Pa on another day (my favorite trip); and to Annapolis to the Naval Academy on another day. We did other little fun things, ate big meals at the vacation house, and went to eat out a few times. Also, we got to worship at a sister church with some old friends on that Sunday.

I think for all of us, however, our favorite times were when we we spent cozy hours at the house. God was gracious to give us this time to rest and have fun both. And for the cheating part: Since Neesie had already posted photos on her blog I thought I'd link to her post so that you could see a few more pictures. There you'll see pictures of some of the horses--we fell in love with them --and Neesie even got to help out with their care and feeding one morning! Horses have been dear to her heart since a little girl, so that was special. Please go see!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Paper Momentos

I've been having some days of reading old notes, letters, and cards this week, all from the past. I wasn't sure whether to post about it here or at my other blog, and decided it was more appropriate there. But I sure would like some of you guys to read it too, so would please you take a quick trip over to my devotional blog and read some of my thoughts about these paper momentos and what they mean to me, especially some from my mom, still speaking to me from glory. God bless. A few pictures from vacation next week. I promise.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Having Fun!

Why is it that this modern Nanna usually doesn't have pictures in my purse to show off my granddaughters. That's because all my photos are online. Anyway, I snitched this video off of Bev's Facebook. Had to show it to my NR friends.

For some reason, I can't get the video to work. If you have a couple of minutes could you go here to view it? Thanks!

I love these two little girls! You grandmoms know how it is.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Return of the Enemy

"The other day, while walking about my home, attending to the normal duties of a housewife, minding my own business and causing no hurt or harm to a single soul, I was attacked by a vicious assailant. This assailant had no mercy, but deliberately and cruelly ambushed me. I made an attempt to retaliate, but to no avail. The culprit was gone. As quick as had been the attack, just as quick was the retreat. My enemy was a flea. And, unfortunately for me and my household, he was not alone."

The above words are a direct quote from one of the first blog entries that I made almost exactly three years ago. When I wrote these words, I was in the midst of a fierce battle with one of the Lord's tiniest creatures, and I am sorry to say, he is back. He is indeed a tiny foe, but one of the most difficult to defeat due to his best weapon: the power of numbers. His strategy could be envied by the best military operatives in the world--he sneaks in by hiding in the woolly coats of our most beloved family pets. After causing them hours of misery if you don't catch him in time, lo and behold, he (or should I be saying she) can leave behind a growing army in your carpet and you don't even know they are there. That is, until they attack!

Get the picture? That's what greeted us on our return from vacation, and this weary housewife has added to the many duties needing finishing up upon our return, warfare against this dreaded enemy. I'm getting there. Three days ago I resorted to lethal weaponry in our home and on our poor Frodo, who returned from his visit to the kennel to become the victim of a savage and brutal attempt on his well being.

We're beginning to relax again. I'm starting to taste victory. I think I see signs of retreat on the part of the enemy. I'm still constantly using what is considered to be the most effective piece of artillery--the vacuum cleaner--hoping with all my might that things are getting back to normal.

So, I'm finally getting to make a blog post. Thanks for all your little notes of concern. I hope to post a few pictures of our vacation soon. I didn't get too many good ones, so I may have to steal a couple from one or both of my daughters. My neck is tons better, but I cannot say that it's gone, as I still can feel signs that this is a chronic problem that will probably always be with me. I only hope it's nothing too serious, but if it gets painful again, I may have to go to see about it. For now, though, the new pillow has been a blessing.

One more thing: Sometimes as I'm vacuuming around my house, I've been thinking about how the flea reminds me of sin. You see, this was all my fault--I was not diligent. I didn't treat my dog soon enough in the spring and I was so busy with neck problems and vacation preps that I wasn't looking for the enemy as I usually do. So he got a stronghold on us, which makes him much more difficult to do away with. Sin is like that in our lives and hearts. If we're not diligent, it will bunker down, get a good strong hold on us, and be much more difficult to eradicate. Our best weapons are the Word of God and prayer. It's so easy to become busy with our daily lives, that we begin to neglect our relationship with our Jesus. It's best not to let sin sneak in because of our lack of diligence, like the almighty flea did in the furry abode of our Fro.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Blessed Fourth!

God Bless Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm still here! We've been back from a great vacation for a week now and for lots of reasons, I haven't gotten around to posting. Just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a blessed Independence Day. We all need to be praying for this dear country of ours.

Hope you are all well. I don't know when this blogging break will be over but I hope it won't be too very long that I can get over to see you folks. God bless!