Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday Number Twenty-One

So, my dear little baby girl, have we really reached this milestone? You are twenty-one years old today. Let me say this again. It has been twenty-one years since a gorgeous bundle of pink and white entered our lives and became the darling of her parents and twelve year old sister. And having gone through the stages of babyhood, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence, and the teen years, now here you are a young woman, yet you continue to be the special girl we all love and want to look after and make sure you're alright. 

As unbelievable as it seems in so many ways to think of you as a woman, it's also something for which we're so very thankful. You've gone through all these years, and stages, and have arrived at this important time of life having the Lord on your side and keeping a desire to please Him in your choices and lifestyle. You've kept your love for family, ALL your family, from your parents to your sister and brother-in-law, and as everyone knows, your darling little nieces. And you've been a blessing to each and every one of us. 

You've made plans for your life, and they're good and godly ones. We hope you feel our support and good wishes as you look to the future. Hopefully, you'll be used of our Lord, whether you pursue nursing, which has been your dream (and a good one), or God leads you in some other direction by and by. Whatever road you're on, let Him be the guide in everything. Who knows what He has in store for you? All we ask is that you never leave Him out of anything that comes your way. If that's true, we know you'll be fine.

Happy Birthday. We love you.

Dad and Mom

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birthday Wishes for Edie!

Busy time in the life of birthdays in our family, as our son-in-law Edie joins in with his. I love how God adds to families and while He's done so for us with the birth of our three grandchildren, it all started when He gave to our daughter a good husband who strives to serve Him and lead His family well.

So a quick Happy Birthday to Edie, who makes us laugh often and keeps some of us on our toes! Glad the Lord helped you to "get a life!" (Inside joke.)

Hope the next year is blessed, Edie!

Dad and Mom

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Five Years Old!

To our happy twirly five year old! You are five already? How did that happen so fast? But that's a good thing because it's a happy thing for us to see you growing and learning. And it's also so nice to see you still being such a helper to your mommy. Now that you're older, you can REALLY help her a lot--and you do! And sometimes you like to help me too and I'm sure you're a helper with other people when you get a chance. So God gave you a helper's heart, and we're very thankful to see that in you. And guess what, Shana? You are right in the middle of your sisters. That means you can learn things from Selena, and it also means you can teach Gracie things. Now that is pretty special that you get to do both!

You already know that PopPop and I love you SO MUCH. And you and Nanna like to hang out together, don't we? We like to eat good things together and hold hands. And you're still not too big to sit on my lap! You even said so the other day. :) Now, what makes your daddy and mommy and all the rest of us the happiest is that you want to love and please God. We will pray that all your life that will be what you want most. We'll keep praying that Jesus will be very precious to you and have first place in your heart.

We love you! Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Nanna (and PopPop)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sariah Grace!

Gracie! Two years old! I was remembering this morning those exciting days when we were waiting for you to come and then you were born, making us all so happy and you've been making us all happy ever since. What a delight you have been and now you're leaving babyhood and becoming another sweet little girl in our midst. Thank you, dear Gracie, for all your smiles, hugs and kisses, and pats on the back. Thank you for loving us, because we sure do love you--a LOT.

You're getting to be the age that you understand things better, and it's our prayer that you will understand all that the Bible teaches about Jesus and that you'll grow to love Him and want to please Him more than anybody else. if you do you'll be happy, Sweetheart. You'll be blessed.

We're so thankful God gave you a good home with a Daddy and Mommy who love you and two sisters who have cherished you from the moment you first arrived two years ago. I'm sure you're thankful too.

God bless you and Happy Birthday, dear precious Gracie.

Nanna (and PopPop)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Happy Birthday to Selena!

So, guess who it was that first made me a grandmom? Yep, it was you! Every time your birthday rolls around, I think back to hearing those first cries from my little itsy bitsy granddaughter coming from behind the curtain. What a blessed privilege that was! And now, that's been SEVEN whole years ago. Shall I say that again? You are seven! WOW. But you're still the same sweet and fun Selena we've had all along--just a bit older.

Keep being the same girl you are, Sweetheart. That's why you have so many friends, because you make others happy to be around you. And, of course, WE'RE always happy to have you around US too. Keep being a shining light for others, especially your sisters. What a wonderful and important thing it is to have others look up to you as the oldest. And you're doing a good job. You always have taken good care of Shana and Gracie. And we're glad they have you as an example in obeying your daddy and mommy too.

God bless you on your birthday, Lena. And most important of all: Keep loving Jesus.

Happy Birthday ! We love you so much!

Nanna (and PopPop)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to Bev!

The sweet, thoughtful, and even godly little girl is now a sweet, thoughtful and godly young woman. As you have yet another birthday, we still love you as much as ever; we couldn't love you more. God bless you to keep following Him. May He continue to give you grace as a wife and mother as we know this is closest to your heart. We're so thankful our grandchildren have such a loving mom and we know their upbringing is safe in your hands. May the Lord bless Edie, Selena, Shana, and Gracie with you for many years. And Neesie and us too.

Love, Dad and Mom.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another Birthday for Husband Dear

For some reason, I don't usually post my husband or my birthdays here, but he did have another one today and I think I should mark these now and then. So thankful for him and that the Lord has granted him yet another year. We're all thankful for him, as the patriarch of our little family. Much love from your wife, sweetie.

This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. Psalm 118:23

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another Year With Hubby

 Painting by Cornacchia

Another year of marriage marked. Isn't that nice? We have been married now for forty-two years. God is so good!

A Little About a Christian Hero

A little note: I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because even we grandmoms have been affected by this texting generation. :)

Most folks who know me know that Sunday School is close to my heart. I love teaching and always develop a special affection for the children who are in my class. Do your children like to go to Sunday school? If you’re in a church which, for whatever reason, has decided not to have one that’s certainly not a sin. Nowhere in Scriptures are we commanded to do so. But many Christians feel it does bring a wealth of benefits to the young and so do I.

Many people don’t know how, where, or when the first Sunday school came into existence. It’s quite a story, born in the heart of a man named Robert Raikes who was concerned about poor ragged children in his native England. At first, these children were taught to read and write as well as given spiritual training because it was the only school these particular children attended. When others heard of the success of this school held on Sundays, many more such schools cropped up all over England and the movement's eventual spread throughout the world is history. 

Read more about Mr. Raikes at The Church History for Kids site. Incorporate this article into the history studies of your school at home. Tell your sons and daughters about this man who believed the world marches forth on the feet of little children. I agree with him.

Maxine, a/k/a Nanna

Friday, March 22, 2013

What's Going On, Spring?

It’s been quite bitter out there since your arrival two days ago and I just had someone tell me there may be some kind of coastal storm with some “ahem” snow in the forecast? Don’t you know that Easter is less than ten days away?

Come on now. Get yourself together there. See that picture up above? We expect that is the kind of beauty we’ll be seeing in the near future. You need to be taking the necessary steps towards it and what you’re doing right now is not the way to go.