Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sariah Grace!

Gracie! Two years old! I was remembering this morning those exciting days when we were waiting for you to come and then you were born, making us all so happy and you've been making us all happy ever since. What a delight you have been and now you're leaving babyhood and becoming another sweet little girl in our midst. Thank you, dear Gracie, for all your smiles, hugs and kisses, and pats on the back. Thank you for loving us, because we sure do love you--a LOT.

You're getting to be the age that you understand things better, and it's our prayer that you will understand all that the Bible teaches about Jesus and that you'll grow to love Him and want to please Him more than anybody else. if you do you'll be happy, Sweetheart. You'll be blessed.

We're so thankful God gave you a good home with a Daddy and Mommy who love you and two sisters who have cherished you from the moment you first arrived two years ago. I'm sure you're thankful too.

God bless you and Happy Birthday, dear precious Gracie.

Nanna (and PopPop)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Happy Birthday to Selena!

So, guess who it was that first made me a grandmom? Yep, it was you! Every time your birthday rolls around, I think back to hearing those first cries from my little itsy bitsy granddaughter coming from behind the curtain. What a blessed privilege that was! And now, that's been SEVEN whole years ago. Shall I say that again? You are seven! WOW. But you're still the same sweet and fun Selena we've had all along--just a bit older.

Keep being the same girl you are, Sweetheart. That's why you have so many friends, because you make others happy to be around you. And, of course, WE'RE always happy to have you around US too. Keep being a shining light for others, especially your sisters. What a wonderful and important thing it is to have others look up to you as the oldest. And you're doing a good job. You always have taken good care of Shana and Gracie. And we're glad they have you as an example in obeying your daddy and mommy too.

God bless you on your birthday, Lena. And most important of all: Keep loving Jesus.

Happy Birthday ! We love you so much!

Nanna (and PopPop)