Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Our Twenty Year Old

Seems this blog is used primarily now for recording and recognizing birthdays in my family. But what better place than this to put photos of my beloveds and express my love for them as they grow and mature?

Now it's Neesie's turn once again and guess what? We no longer have a teenager in this house. Twenty years old and I cannot believe it! From that adorable curly haired baby, to the cute little girl with braids, to the budding adolescence, to the pretty teen, and now to the lovely young lady, we have been thankful for her each and every stage.

So to Neesie: Now a college student, now working with your first love, children, whenever you can, we're very thankful to see you now pretty officially a young woman. We're friends now on a different level and I'm grateful we can talk and laugh together, which we do often. I'm most grateful to see you striving to be faithful to your Lord in every area of life. May He bless you for that. Your love for your nieces is a precious thing and why they adore you as they do. Now that the twelve years difference seems more narrow, we're also happy to see your friendship with your sister growing on a different level as you mature. Keep it up; she's a wonderful resource for you, partly because of her godly character and partly because of her love for you.

We all love you and are shooting for you in the future. Waiting to see all that God has in store for you. Keep looking to Him! 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Daughter! (Psalm 121)

Love, Mom