Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Away

Next week my family will be away on vacation so I won't be around. Just stopping by with another quickie. Hope you are all well; I have been making a few pop visits this evening, but if I missed you I'll try to catch you when I get back. I've just finished having a birthday and an anniversary and these are the flowers that have been prettying our table for those occasions. Thought I'd leave them here while I'm gone.

My neck is somewhat better but the problem is still with me; I'm afraid it's probably going to be a chronic one. At least I'm not needing Advil for these last three days, so that's something to be thankful for. Maybe I can enjoy vacation after all. Got a new cervical pillow for my birthday! I am so excited about it and hope it helps; it just came yesterday and I'm still just "breaking it in" and will continue to do so when I go away (it's going with me!) so I'll let you know. So far, so good. If any of you have upper back, headache or neck problems, go take a look at it here; you may be interested.

God bless! Have a great weekend looking unto Jesus! Pray for us, please.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi Friends!

This is a picture of how I feel these days. The old brain isn't working very well and sitting at the computer isn't the best thing because of a pain in the neck I picked up somehow. Now, I am referring to literal pain, not to any person that I may know. Don't ask me how I got it; I woke up like this on Saturday morning. So for now I'm just "doctoring" this thing, hoping with all my might that it goes away before we leave for vacation the end of next week. I'll try to make pop visits to see some of you here and there, but I doubt if I'll be posting for a couple of days. Hope summer's off to a good start for all of you!

By the way, this is a picture of a "peafowl." Maybe that's what a female peacock is called or is it a separate breed?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Primary Day

Here in our state it's primary voting day and there's a hotly contested race on the Republican side for the governorship. (Is that a word?) Well, we went and voted for the candidate of our choice. You may remember some things I said back at the general election about the community we live in. We are VERY much in the minority. So one of the ladies who waited on us was so shocked when she saw that we were voting on the "REP" side of things. She was so excited (quite obviously because she too was another of those strange R's in the community) that she actually kissed my hand in jest and whispered her thankfulness to see another of us come in. It was quite obvious that the other lady behind the table did not share her view. Actually, it was all quite amusing to say the least. It was late morning, and I was only number 2 to vote in our district for our political party. I wonder who the other one was? Oh, it was probably that lady. Well, my husband followed along as number 3 and she was all the more tickled.

Not that I think any particular political party is the answer to all the woes that we are enduring as a nation. Our only hope and answer is the Lord. This country needs Him desperately. We need to RETURN to Him. We never were following Him perfectly, of course, but there was a day when we at least showed some semblance of seeking God. That's why the button you see above was not an offense to me. You see, while I am thankful for many of the advances we have made here in America, there are so many ways that I would indeed like to go backwards. Actually, this button made me think. How and where would I like to see this country of mine go backward? Here are a few:

1. There was a day when it was considered an abomination to intentionally kill a child in the womb, let alone that it would be legally sanctioned by the government.

2. There was a day when there would have been absolutely no question whatsoever that marriage was between a man and a woman. The fact that it would even be questioned at all would have been unheard of.

3. There was a day when prayer and Bible reading in public schools would never have been considered an offense to anyone. It was just a normal part of the school day.

4. There was a day when teaching abstinence was not questioned.

5. There was a day when you could turn on your TV to look at regular network programs, sit down and watch them with your children, and not worry what was going to be seen or heard from across the airwaves.

6. There was a day when stores and other places of business honored the Lord's Day.

I could do more, but I have to go start dinner so I'll stop for now. I wish I had time to go on, but maybe some of you have something you could add.