Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Return of the Enemy

"The other day, while walking about my home, attending to the normal duties of a housewife, minding my own business and causing no hurt or harm to a single soul, I was attacked by a vicious assailant. This assailant had no mercy, but deliberately and cruelly ambushed me. I made an attempt to retaliate, but to no avail. The culprit was gone. As quick as had been the attack, just as quick was the retreat. My enemy was a flea. And, unfortunately for me and my household, he was not alone."

The above words are a direct quote from one of the first blog entries that I made almost exactly three years ago. When I wrote these words, I was in the midst of a fierce battle with one of the Lord's tiniest creatures, and I am sorry to say, he is back. He is indeed a tiny foe, but one of the most difficult to defeat due to his best weapon: the power of numbers. His strategy could be envied by the best military operatives in the world--he sneaks in by hiding in the woolly coats of our most beloved family pets. After causing them hours of misery if you don't catch him in time, lo and behold, he (or should I be saying she) can leave behind a growing army in your carpet and you don't even know they are there. That is, until they attack!

Get the picture? That's what greeted us on our return from vacation, and this weary housewife has added to the many duties needing finishing up upon our return, warfare against this dreaded enemy. I'm getting there. Three days ago I resorted to lethal weaponry in our home and on our poor Frodo, who returned from his visit to the kennel to become the victim of a savage and brutal attempt on his well being.

We're beginning to relax again. I'm starting to taste victory. I think I see signs of retreat on the part of the enemy. I'm still constantly using what is considered to be the most effective piece of artillery--the vacuum cleaner--hoping with all my might that things are getting back to normal.

So, I'm finally getting to make a blog post. Thanks for all your little notes of concern. I hope to post a few pictures of our vacation soon. I didn't get too many good ones, so I may have to steal a couple from one or both of my daughters. My neck is tons better, but I cannot say that it's gone, as I still can feel signs that this is a chronic problem that will probably always be with me. I only hope it's nothing too serious, but if it gets painful again, I may have to go to see about it. For now, though, the new pillow has been a blessing.

One more thing: Sometimes as I'm vacuuming around my house, I've been thinking about how the flea reminds me of sin. You see, this was all my fault--I was not diligent. I didn't treat my dog soon enough in the spring and I was so busy with neck problems and vacation preps that I wasn't looking for the enemy as I usually do. So he got a stronghold on us, which makes him much more difficult to do away with. Sin is like that in our lives and hearts. If we're not diligent, it will bunker down, get a good strong hold on us, and be much more difficult to eradicate. Our best weapons are the Word of God and prayer. It's so easy to become busy with our daily lives, that we begin to neglect our relationship with our Jesus. It's best not to let sin sneak in because of our lack of diligence, like the almighty flea did in the furry abode of our Fro.


Susan said...

I was thinking about the analogy with sin as I was reading your blog!!! Great minds think alike :o) Sorry you're having this issue with the fleas. We don't have house pets, just bee's in the back yard!!! Glad you're've been missed.

Debra said...

Hey Maxine, my daughter just had the same problem with fleas. They can be quite a problem. Especially for me, because if I get bitten by one, it makes a large, red, swollen place and hurts quite a bit.

That is an excellent analogy with sin. Oh, my, how true.

Looking forword to seeing your pictures of vacation!


Denise said...

Love love love that..... Never thought about that little tiny flea and sin...... oh how true! sorry for your troubles, hope you have conquered that little tiny creature! Wonder why God made the flea? I must remember to ask HIM

Maxine said...

I've often wondered that too, Denise, about the flea and mosquito and a few other critters. It has to be one of the ways He keeps us humble. Man badly needs humbling, you know.

Sorry to say, Debra, I get red swollen places from the bites also.

And Susan, I rather think I prefer the bees! Missed you too.

Beverly said...

Sorry about the fleas Mummy :-( Wonderful analogy too - very true.

LisaShaw said...

Your analogy of sin and the flea is priceless!

Rest dear sister...

Susan Skitt said...

Oh what a good analogy, (I am sorry for the bout with fleas however) but sin is so sneaky like that, before you know, it can take over, you're so right. Thanks for the reminder and so far so good with the monthly preventative treatment we've used, however, I've been a bit slack on timing (letting it go beyond a month at a time because it is so expensive). We use Frontline for dogs Plus.

Much love to you and I'm glad you had a nice trip and that your neck has been managable. I always enjoy visiting here and hopefully one day we'll get to visit in person. When you get a chance, email me at - I have something going on at my house on July 27th and I want to tell you about it since you're within driving distance :)

Much love,

Cathy said...

Oh, I'm sorry you had to come home to all that, Maxine. I didn't know what in the world I was going to find here. :) Anyway, I hope they will be gone soon.

diana said...

we used to have the same problem with fleas when we lived in california. and returning from vacation was when it was the worse.

when we moved to colorado, i was so pleased to learn that fleas don't live here. they are a non-issue here and i'm very thankful for that.

hope your neck feels better.

Maxine said...

I think Colorado is sounding pretty good to me, Diana

kris said...

Hi Maxine-
I have not had any run-ins with fleas, but we did have an attack of lice once. It was the worst!
I'm glad you had a good vacation.