Monday, February 12, 2007

A Rose as a Reminder

The LORD has appeared of old to me, saying: Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love….Jeremiah 31:3

Today, as he has done countless times before, my bridegroom of over thirty-six years brought me home a dozen red roses. I was as completely delighted as I was when I received the first dozen years ago. And as always, the beauty of these precious flowers will continue to brighten my heart, even as their beauty fades in a week or so.

I thank the Lord for these lovely roses, because they are a reminder to me of the affection behind them, which hasn’t faded since that hot day in June when we made our vows. When they become drooped and wrinkly, the love behind them will stand firm. It’s a bit like what my dear hubby and I see when we look in the mirror. We see physical beauty that has started becoming more drooped and wrinkly. But the beauty of the love for one another that was given by a kind and merciful God will continue to be fresh and vibrant.

I’ve put one of the twelve roses in a little vase in my office as a reminder of my bridegroom’s fidelity. And I’ll think too, when I look at it, about my beloved Heavenly Bridegroom who has given to both my husband and to me a love and devotion that is more lovely than roses…and is everlasting.


Beka said...

Oh, how very sweet! Enjoy those beautiful roses!
Mark and I are so thankful to have examples of couples like you who have strong Christian marriages that have remained faithful over time. And we praise and adore our Heavenly Bridegroom for his infinite and perfect love for His Bride, loving His own "to the end" (John 13:1)

Mrs. S said...

Thats my daddy! How wonderfully romantic. I love what you said about our Heavenly Bridegroom too. Enjoy your flowers, mummy.

Sara said...

That's so sweet!

Elise said...

I hope to spend the next 26 years in as much love as you and your bridegroom!
And we're all getting wrinkly and drooped, aren't we? :)

chrisd said...

Beautiful--is this congratulations for you guys?

I love roses too-they should be enjoyed by the living, don't you think?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Chris from yahoo360