Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I don't know how many of you have the struggles that I do with tv, but I would imagine that some of you do. Mine have gone on for many years now, and at times I have wished I could throw the old "boob tube" out the window. I've long ago given up the idea that I can find anything decent on it during the evening hours on the regular networks. We don't have cable or anything, so we're limited. Well, videos and dvds to the rescue! I am so thankful that we can have them; they have been so helpful to our family. I strongly appreciate the control they give us, and like many other families, we have compiled our own little library, which is made up of the ones we enjoy watching more than once.

Today, I was on Amazon for another reason and discovered that you can make your own list of Amazon products that you want to refer to others for whatever purpose you might have. I thought this was a nice forum for me to make recommendations from our little home "library." I've thought about doing that here at the blog, but this is even better because I can just leave the list there and add to it now and then. So I started it today.

So far the list has one item on it! That's as far as I could get today as I can only squeeze in computer time here and there (as I am now) throughout the course of the day. You know how it is, right? No longer do I wait to get a block of time to blog or comment. I just take quick snatches of time in the midst of household duties, which means that sometimes a post may take all day to finish!

Well, this first recommendation on the list is The Waltons series. Please, if there is any family oriented tv show that you'd like to have in your home to watch together, this is it. I would imagine that most of you are familiar with this show and like me, are thankful that it is now being made available on dvd. It's being recorded a season at a time and I believe they've just finished with the fifth season. We have the first four and I guess season 5 will be a Christmas present to ourselves! My daughter gave me a book last Christmas entitled Goodnight John-Boy by Earl Hamner and Ralph Griffin. It's Earl Hamner's stories about his childhood in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia which inspired the pilot film "The Homecoming" and then this beloved television series. Here is a quote from the back of this book:

"For nine years The Waltons entertained America and the world. But this television series was more than just entertainment. Each episode combined wonderful stories and 'teachable moments' in which adults and children alike learned the importance of honesty, hard work, respect, responsibility, self-sacrifice, and kindness."

I agree. And I say this is a worthwhile investment for your family to make. I'll be adding to my list as soon as I can, so visit my Listmania! list sometime. My hope is that it might be a help to someone at some point. Also, I'll probably post about some of my additions from time to time, especially when I make new discoveries.

Now, gather the family and bring out the popcorn! I hope you're prepared for the cold snowy nights that are coming!


Vicki said...

oh yes, I know what you mean about TV. We have limited cable, and it's still a problem. I like the idea of building a home library. We started that a few years ago and collected just a handful of classics. (The Waltons was always a favorite of mine).

Btw, I didn't get to the post office until yesterday to mail your John Piper book, but it's on its way! With Lexie here a few days, and going out of town to see hubby's father in the nursing home, I kinda got offtrack with things.

Anyways, I hope your week is a good one! Sending hugs across the miles...

chrisd said...

We have free tv.

I watched the Waltons every season. Didn't care who knew. I loved it.

Do you remember the one with Ron Howard? He was sick and he played the flute. I think he was Jason's friend. For some reason that left such an impression on me.

Hope you're' doing well.

Beverly said...

Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Maxine said...

Ok, Vicki, looking forward to getting that book!

Chris, yes I do remember that episode! In fact we watched it not too long ago. Amazing what has transpired over the years with that young actor (Ron Howard). He's made it big, but there are many sad things about that. Good to hear from you, Chris! It's been a while.

Bit by bit I'll be adding, Bev. You know that Notorious will be on the list.

Barbara said...

I love the Waltons. I watch the reruns nearly every morning. And, I also love Little House On The Prairie. Those are two wholesome programs for the entire family.

Beka said...

I can remember watching The Waltons at my grandparents' house back when I was a child. It would be nice to have these DVDs now! We have a few seasons of the Andy Griffith Show and enjoy watching that once in a while.

Maxine said...

Barbara, the Little House Series is a definite that's in our library and going on the list. We have watched most of the episodes over and over and never tire of them.

Beka, we have many of the Andy Griffith shows in our library, also. It's funny,no matter how many times we watch the antics of Barney, we still roll with laughter over him. That too will be on the list.

Baptist Girl said...

The Waltons was one of my all time favorite shows. I just loved it! I don't have a lot of time right now for TV but that is one show I would love to watch over and over.I am going to look into getting the DVDs for the show. Thank you for reminding about such a wonderful show.


Daughter of the King said...

I love the WALTONs...Little House on the Prairie....Anne of Green Gables....wholesome..the Love Comes Softly series....btw...I know a missionaries wife..that has a CBD link on her blog..that helps them just a bit IF you order off her blog..NOT much..but with the dollar rate...
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sparrow's song said...

I'd have to agree in recommending Anne of Green Gables. What an impossible child and yet so endearing.

Waltons - I love the idea of listening to the radio. Oh bring back imagination, please!!