Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Day in the Life

Oh my goodness. It's April 15th. I forgot to do the income taxes. Just kidding. Actually, I'm showing off because we mailed them exactly one week ago. I think that's a record. You could view this as an ad for H & R Block TaxCut Online because since we've started filing our taxes through them, I have been doing so much better with the whole thing. This year it was completely stress free, and if anyone remembers my post from last year, you'll be able to tell that each year it's been a little better. I am SO thankful.

Today is also our dog Frodo's fifth birthday. Happy Birthday, Fro! Mama's going to check in a bit to see if I can dig out a bone from somewhere in the freezer. I think in people years Fro is about thirty-five. Somehow that just doesn't fit. Those who know him will know what I mean. I don't imagine him ever being an adult--I think he's forever locked into puppyhood.

The best part of today is that I'm wrapping up the third quarter papers to be sent to ABeka Academy. Do you believe that? It seems just a few weeks ago that I made that post on the first day of school. After tying up a couple of loose ends today, we will actually be mailing in the third quarter work. That translates into Neesie's freshman year being three-fourths complete! Unbelievable. Please give us a pat on the back, folks. But actually, we can only give credit to our kind and compassionate God. We could not have gotten this far without His mercies and will not get through this final quarter without Him.

And that brings me to one final thought for the day. See those flowers up above? A sweet and caring sister in the Lord (and sister homeschooling mom) sent those to Neesie and me last week as an encouragement on our homeschool journey. She also sent us CDs with messages to cheer us on our way. One of these CDs was a truly inspiring one entitled "Mothers, This is War", which had been taped at a homeschool convention and it helped set me even more firmly on the course. I wasn't familiar with the speaker, Shelley Hendry, but I'd recommend her to any of you out there who could use a little motivation as moms. Anyway, these flowers and the various messages that ministered to my heart are all to be included in the mercies given by the Lord to me lately. Thanks to my dear sister, whom I've only known a short while, and thanks to my Heavenly Father for sending her encouragements.

And a good day to all of you!



Happy birthday to your Frodo. Hope he has a great birthday and he get his bone.

Doesn't it feel great to know the income tax is in the mail and that is done for one more year.

Sounds like you all are doing great in school. The flowers are beautfil and so is your friend for doing it for you.

Hope your day is great and sunshining all the way. connie from Texas

Beverly said...

Congratulations, Nanna (and PopPop and Neesie)! By the way, did Frodo get a haircut for his birthday? Just hopin' I'm glad to get a glimpse of the flowers. Beautiful.

Vicki said...

That Frodo deserves a nice juicy bone!

Sending you a big HUG! I homeschooled my daughter for a couple years, so I totally understand the opportunities for frustration:-) The Lord is good, though! PTL!

That was such a kind thing for your friend to do. So good to be in this family of faith!

Cathy said...

Congratulations for getting those taxes done early. And Happy Birthday to your sweet dog. What a thoughtful friend to give you those lovely flowers. And you and Neesie are doing great with the homeschooling. Thank God for His wisdom. Blessings ~

kris said...

Hi Maxine-
Thank you so much for the encouraging words you leave on my blog!! I was able to get our taxes done a little early and without as much stress this year. It was so nice! I don't know why doing taxes stresses me out so much but it does.
May God bless you richly today!

Bluestocking said...

ACTION **giggling** I procrastinated this year! Well sort of I had already done the math beforehand I just had to fill in the blanks.

Once freshman year is done the rest of high school flies by!!

Bethany said...

Yay for all of you! I wish I felt three quarters complete with my school! Soon maybe! Hope you are all doing well!

sparrow's song said...

Best to you in your continued quest of home schooling. There is much to say for it but sadly not many from the secular realm would agree. They don't understand how much harm both spiritually and physically home schooling is keeping a child from. It's an excellent choice for those who have the ability to do so.

I heard a rumor about home schooling being prohibited by any one other than those having a qualified teaching degree in California based solely on a parent who had abused her child-children. Personally I think they were looking for an excuse.

A belated happy birthday to your doggy. Have you walked him lately? Hahaha!