Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flowers and Fro

I am so sorry that I didn't keep my promise to come back the next day with another picture taken with my new camera! Actually, I wanted to leave Lena at the top for a few days, anyway.

Would you believe that I hadn't planted any flowers until today? The reason for this is a long story which would bore you so I won't bother to explain. Finally, the other day I got a flat of impatiens, but didn't have any potting soil until yesterday so that was today's project. Here's a picture of one of the hanging plants which doesn't look the greatest yet; however, I thought maybe in a few weeks I'll take a picture of the same planter and let you see how it's progressing. Now, our flowers will be nothing like my bloggy friend Cathy's, but at least we're trying. My hubby usually cares for the flowers after they're planted, because I have a bad habit of forgetting about them. Obviously, gardening is not one of my strengths.

Well, today's other project was taking Fro to the vet for his yearly shots and checkup. He always is a charmer when he goes and gets lots of attention. They say he's doing well and that his weight and size are great. Now he's thinking he's a pretty big deal after all the good things that were said about him. So here he is posing for the world to see how wonderful he is.

I'll close with this:

A bus driver is going up a one-way street the wrong way. Halfway down the street he gets spotted by a police officer, and waves hello to him. If the bus driver is going down a one-way street the wrong way, why does the police officer not pull him over and give him a ticket?


Cathy said...

Pretty pictures, Maxine. I am proud of you. Your little doggy is a sweetie. I don't blame you for leaving pretty little Lena on there! And all those flowers are not mine! I take pictures of neighbor's flowers and some are from a flower shop. :o) Mine are not really looking too great right now, because of the drought. You and your riddles, who knows?

Beka said...

Is the bus driver on foot?

I love the pictures-- Frodo looks quite pleased with himself :-)

Beverly said...

yeah -- what Beka said. Nice pictures - glad you are enjoying your camera~

Maxine said...

Oh, Beka, you're too smart. Yes, the bus driver was walking.

Lori said...

Hey - We have something in common! I too forget about my plants! But I don't have a wonderful husband to take care of them - my husband forgets too!! :) Pretty flowers!