Friday, May 14, 2010


A couple had just arrived at the concert hall when the husband remarked. "I wish we'd brought along our piano bench."

"What in the world for?" his wife asked.

"Because our tickets are inside the seat."

This is always a big worry for me whenever I go some place, whether a musical concert, baseball game, or whatever when tickets are involved. This is one of those "fears" that I go a bit overboard on. Everybody has some. I usually check and double check that I have the tickets for wherever it is that we're going. I compulsively check over and again.

Another one of those weird fears for me is that I'm going to forget and leave the dog outside overnight. We always let him out one last time before going to bed, and when I'm the last to go to bed, I check in the sun room (where he sleeps in his crate) even when I'm sure he's in there. I HAVE to turn on the light and double check last thing before I go to bed. Very strange. I have more of these kind of things, but I won't bore you with more.

How about you? Do you have any of these compulsive type fears?


Susan said...

My biggest problems is "putting something away for safe keeping" and then forgetting where I put it. There are 2 $25 gift certificates SOMEWHERE in this house and in our "stuff" that I bought early a couple of Christmas's ago and we never have found them!!!!

Maxine said...

That's a biggy with my husband, Susan. The exact same thing.

Denise said...

My Dad has excessive compulsive behavior and has for years.. checking and rechecking the stove before going to bed.. Unplugging everything that he can before going to bed.. Getting up after he laid down to check the pilot light in the hot water heater.. I grew up with that.. sooooooooo I promised myself I would NOT do any of those things!!!!!!!!

So, with that I will say good night and check the heater on Moses the Love Bird and check to see that the dryer is not running so it will not start a fire and turn the breaker off on the stove top because it is making a funny noise!


Maxine said...

lol, Denise! That's the spirit! You BETTER take care of Moses!

Debra said...

Ah! The age old "checking" problem. Thankfully, I only have one. When I get out of my car I check and re check to make sure it is locked. And yes, sometimes I'll walk away from it and still have to go back to check, knowing full well I locked it. Funny thing is there is NOTHING in my car that would be worth taking. Not even the car itself!

Happy to see I'm not alone here! LOL!

Blessing Maxine, hope you have a great week end.

Barbara said...

I have those same thoughts! I recheck my bathroom in the winter. My husband has a small electric heater in there and it comes on automatically when you hit the light switch. I KNOW I have turned the lights off; yet, when I start to leave, I go back and check.

Also, my husband has a habit of not always locking our back door, so I usually check that before retiring. He once left the keys in our apartment door all night and he's also left them in our door! :)

Just call me the double checker! LOL!

Cathy said...

lol, Maxine, I'm funny about my animals being inside too. But my little gray old lady cat sometimes wants to be out! I have to check and make sure I have me inhaler ( that I won't use) and my cell phone. I'm sure there are many more things I do. Oh, and my water!

Laurie said...

Perhaps I should be a little more into checking things, Maxine, because I saw this morning that in my sleepiness last night, I left a candle burning all night in our living room! (It was in a ceramic jar, thank the Lord!)


Maxine said...

Oh my, Laurie, that's scary!
Debra, Barbara, and Cathy: So glad I have so much company.

Beverly said...

I have so many compulsive fears that I cannot begin to list them! I am always checking and double checking things. You are not alone!