Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Blog Party

Today a blogger friend of mine had a very nice post about her wedding, with loads of lovely pictures, wherein she indicated she was taking part in a "Wedding Blog Party." I was immediately interested, partly because I'm a June bride and just had an anniversary, and also because our home business is diligently seeking to venture out and minister to brides with a new line of gifts and favors. So because of that, lately I've been particularly interested in all things wedding related.

After thinking about it and wanting to take part, I then wondered what in the world I would do, since I'm too short on time to copy a bunch of photos from our album, and since presumably we were to tell our stories, that might take me a while. Then I thought of a post I made in 2007 for our anniversary, and thought it would be fitting and proper to post it again for this occasion. Hope you like it!

Stephanie at Angelic Accents is the host of this little party, so if you like wedding stories and photos, you might want to visit there. Wow, you should see Stephanie's collection of wedding things and lots of other items as well! Now, here's a trip down memory lane from a thankful wife:

The Tale of an Arranged Marriage

Once upon a time there was a young lady who dwelt in a humble house in a humble little town in a nearby land. It came to pass that this young lady, who was an ardent baseball fan, became friends with a married couple who lived in a house which was on her selfsame block.

So it was that a few years before, in a faraway territory of the country, this married couple had met a nice young man who was on tour with a minor league baseball team. It later happened that at the time of our tale, the man of the married couple became employed by a local soft drink company. Lo and behold, he was amazed and delighted to find the same young man working there whom he had met some time before as a baseball player in that faraway territory.

The married couple thought that it would be a good idea if this young neighbor lady, who loved baseball, could meet this young co-worker man, who once played baseball. So they asked the young lady, who said “okay.” Then they asked the young man, who said “okay.” A phone number was given to the young man, whereupon a phone call was made to the young lady, and forthwith a first date took place—to where else? A baseball game

Time passed, and by and by, on the 12th day of June, in the year 1971, the young lady from the small town was taken as a bride by the young man who worked for the soft drink company. It was shortly thereafter that this young married couple officially began journeying together with the very One who had arranged and orchestrated all of the details of their lives in order that the aforementioned marriage might take place. This same kind Benefactor has kindly provided them with two daughters, a son-in-law, and a precious granddaughter. He also has bountifully supplied them with love, peace, and harmony.

The picture above is of the newly married couple as they were cutting their wedding cake. Thirty-six years have passed since the hot, humid day in June of that year; the couple is no longer considered young; they have continued to abide in humble dwelling places; and baseball is no longer an important factor in their lives. They are still together by the mercies of the same One who arranged the whole union in the first place. Even though they continue to be recipients of abundant blessings from His hand, it will not be until both of them reach their real home in a far better land, claiming their mansions there while living in the presence of their King, that this couple will live happily ever after.

From me, the once young lady, to my dear hubby, the once young man:



Connie said...

What an absolutely wonderful sweet story that is, sugar. I hopped over from someone else's blog because I saw your sweet face and it said you were a nana. Well, me too!!! And a Christian. Our first great grandchild was just born and I'm so happy I could just spit. Aren't grands wonderful?! I know mine are and I'm so glad I have them. Nice to meet ya, chickee....

Beverly said...

Love this!!

A Hopeful Heart said...

Oh, Maxine, I'm SO glad you decided to take part in this. Your post brought tears to my eyes!!

We've known each other a few years now, but I never knew how you and your dear one met. What a lovely story!!!!

You were a beautiful bride. You're still beautiful, you know.


Susan said...

This was a WONDERFUL post, Maxine. Thanks for it. Love the picture!!!!

Barbara said...

That is so sweet, Maxine! I wouldn't have any wedding pictures to show other than one taken at my husband's brother's house the day we got married. We married at the Court House - he was in the AF. We'll be married 46 years Tuesday week, July 6th.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Maxine,
What a beautiful love story. It just touches my heart. You are a handsome couple and beautiful bride.
I know you are a special nanna.
So nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your beautiful memories.
Blessings always, Celestina Marie

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Maxine! I loved your anniversary and wedding story, now you have been married 39 years so Happy Anniversary.

Thanks for stopping by and saying sweet comments..It means a lot..

Nice to meet you!


Annesphamily said...

Maxine you were a sweet bride! I love your veil and that hubby was quite a catch! You two look so sweet together. I am so glad I stopped by. I love your story. What a fairy tale with a truly happy ending! Hugs from me to you! Anne

IsabellasCloset said...

Maxine, I LOVE your tale... oh how sweet! You were a beautiful bride, and your veil and dress is gorgeous..
Thanks for sharing your tale. I so enjoyed it!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

Marydon said...

What a precious beautiful love story, Maxine. You are a beautiful couple.

Love arrives in the most precious ways ...

Have a lovely summer's eve ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness, if you weren't just the most cute as a button bride! You look gorgeous and so happy in your wedding photo. How wonderful to have been together so long and what a sweet love story! It took me the 2nd time around to find my prince:)

Thank you for visiting my blog Maxine and have a wonderful weekend!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Maxine, my dear, I've got goosebumps just reading your fairytale post! I'm soooo glad you joined us for this party! When HE is in your life it always ALWAYS shows and you are always blessed.

What an adorable bridal couple you were! Love your gown and the veil is just stunning (I'm sure you saw where I LOVE veils!). You were a beautiful bride with such a handsome husband and you both look just over-the-top happy! Love your sweet story of how you met and look forward to reading more of your lovely blog in the future!

Thanks so much for joining us for the WEDDING BLOG PARTY!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I agree with Connie what an absolutely wonderful precious story and pictures.
Maxine I am thrilled you joined this so I could meet you.
Your beautiful and the post is lovely. I enjoyed my visit over here very much and look forward to many more.

Laurie said...

I love how you tell this wonderful love story of you and your husband, and I am glad it is not a fairytale! God has truly blessed you both, with each other, your children and grands. Your wedding picture is beautiful; those happy, youthful smiles are now the knowing smiles of how beautifully God brought you together and has been with you with an everlasting love. What a sacred picture of the the Church and Christ.

Blessings to you, dear friend,

Karen said...

I loved the story and I wish you and your hubby a wonderful anniversary! Your wedding picture is lovely.

Queenie said...

Beautiful story of how you two met and what a beautiful wedding photo too :) Happy Anniversary to you! Thanks for sharing...
Big Hugs,

Amelia said...

Oh my goodness, is this adorable or what? : )

I really love this Maxine, what a beautiful couple too and such a darling way of telling the story of your courtship and how God brought you together and how you now journey in Him....Beautiful!

We celebrated 30 years the 14th of June. Maybe I'll join the party! What a cute idea. : )

Thank you so much for sharing, you are both lovely. What a pretty-pretty bride you make!

Debra said...

What a beautiful love story Maxine. I so enjoyed reading it. You were quite a lovely bride. Time goes by very quickly doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story and so fun! I love this and your wedding picture.....gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing, Maxine. I thoroughly enjoyed it! (((hugs)))