Thursday, October 07, 2010

A No-No

Unbelievable. The Phillies kick off the playoff season with a No-Hitter! In a no-hitter, for those of you who don't know (or care), the star of the show is always the pitcher and credit goes to him, but the catcher is the next biggest part of the whole thing. Above you see Roy Halliday, who made history by throwing only the second playoff no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball (and his second this season), but also you see his catcher, Carlos Ruiz, a/k/a "Chooch," who also happens to be my favorite player. And then we must remember, the other seven players who fielded all the plays should get a lot of credit also.

Such excitement in our area last night and this morning! All over the radio and TV it's being talked about. Nice to have something that's absolutely of no significance to life to take our minds off of the many serious things that are going on in our world.

I'm quite a fan of the Phils, but Jesus still reigns whether they win it all or not. Needed to remind myself of that. ;)


Laurie said...

I cannot see your face, Maxine, but I do believe you have a smile from ear to ear! And yes, it is these moments that give us a break from the serious things or even a break from the inane things, like election ads!! Since I do not have a team I root for, I will join you and say "Go, Phillies!"

In joy,

Maxine said...

Thanks, Laurie! You are a true friend!!!!

A Hopeful Heart said...

According to Garrett, we MUST watch EVERY playoff game. As you know, baseball is his love, and quite soon, it will end for the year, so he is going to get every last minute of it that he can...which means, that game was on...and wow!! was it ever exciting to go into the 9th inning knowing that a no-hitter was just around the corner!!

I'm rooting for a Phils/Rangers series. Actually, I'd probobly be okay with ANY AL team...except the Yankees. As Red Sox fans, we ALWAYS root against them.

I always feel that the catcher doesn't get the recognition he deserves. After all, he throws nearly as much as the pitcher does...and he does it all from a sqatting position.

Have a great day.


Maxine said...

Yes, Patti, and he is the one who CALLS the pitches, even though the pitcher has the final say.

Susan Skitt said...

The excitement is high in our house too. Go Phillies!

Maxine said...

Let's see if the other Roy can give us a good one, Susan!