Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shana! Happy Birthday!

Is it true? You are FOUR? Really and truly have you gotten to be THAT old? Well, just yesterday we were carrying you around and then I remember watching you toddling after you first started to walk, but now all of a sudden you're not so little any more. Now you help Mommy take care of Sariah and even know just how big to make the pieces when you feed her things. You are so helpful and so caring about everybody else and there is no doubt that pleases God. And you know what is really special? You WANT to please God, just like your sister does. Nothing makes PopPop and Nanna happier than that.

We're glad you enjoy life so much, Shana-bana. It's so much fun watching you twirl 'round and 'round and listen to you chatter and hearing the cute little songs you like to sing. You make it a habit to brighten up the days of others around you. You know what? I think you're always going to be that way and and I hope so because that is why your friends like playing with you so much.

Stay as you are now and keep trying to learn more about Jesus. Always follow Him and you will have a good life, no matter how old you get to be. Thank you for all the hugs and kisses you like to give. It makes us happy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we love you!

PopPop and Nanna

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Laurie said...

I LOVE reading this, Maxine! Shana is a blessed little girl, filled with your love and the love of her family. Your words are such a blessing for her to read as she gets older, and I pray her sweet love for Jesus will grow with each passing day.