Monday, January 29, 2007

Blessed Challenge

Guess what? Selena and her parents come to our church now! This is the latest big and surprising development in our lives. We were not really expecting this and need I say how thankful PopPop, Nanna and Auntie Nee are to our merciful God for bestowing this blessing.

So this means that our grandchild and her special friend are now “members” of the same fold. Our dear friend Beka had Sunday School nursery duty yesterday and took a bunch of pictures, so I’m sharing one of them with you who come to read. In a small group like ours, this has been quite a development to have our infant nursery congregation doubled. (We also have a couple of somewhat regular visitors that come to see us from time to time.)

I was thinking about the blessed challenge God has put before those of us who work the nursery (one we’ve had countless times before)—the beloved task of helping their parents in the training of these little ones in beginning steps leading to God. By the way, I have another book to recommend: it’s called Leading Little Ones to God by Marian M. Schoolland and it’s been another greatly treasured one in this household. You might also want to look into this wonderful book that can be read to your very young children.

Anyway, I hope we can be a help. Maybe we can help teach them the Word of God when we can and under the right circumstances, such as helping them to understand that they must be “kind one to another” when they either snatch or don’t want to share the blocks. Or help them to love the hymns when we sometimes resort to singing, albeit off tune, to distract them or entertain them. Or even help them learn to obey when sin rears its ugly head (and you can be sure it will).

Having been so excited almost five months ago over their births, may the Lord give us joy in serving Him by finding ways in the coming years (hopefully) to begin to teach these two sweet little girls something of the New Birth. Maybe He’ll even send us more sweet little souls. Thank the Lord for giving us such a blessed task!

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
Look upon a little child;
Bless me and remember me;
Saviour, let me come to Thee.

Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,
In Thy gracious hands I am;
Make me, Saviour, what Thou art;
Live Thyself within my heart.

I shall then show forth Thy praise,
Serve Thee all my happy days;
Then the world shall always see
Christ, the holy Child, in me.


Mrs. S said...

Yes! I think, judging from observing my little one, that she will need to be gently guided in the art of sharing. I loved Leading Little Ones as a child, and hope that Selena will love it too.

Elise said...

Your little place sounds as little as ours! My children are actually the only ones in our congregation - which, of course, brings lots of joy to the elderly people who make up this body.
Another great book recommendation - I'm on it!
And thank you for a peek into the precious nursery - always my favorite place to be when I was a teenager. And now, frankly. :)

Beka said...

Mark & I are thrilled and thankful for your daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter's presence in our little assembly too!!
I thoroughly enjoyed my little "class" yesterday and as a matter of fact, "sharing" was our big lesson of the day. I think it will need some reinforcement, though. :-)
I am kind of sad that my Sunday School nursery month is over now!

Sara said...

Awww...what an adorable picture! I hope they'll be best friends one day. :)

Lori said... sweet!!

chrisd said...

I loved the picture! So adorable at that age! Glad to hear that you are well!

Lori said...

Yes - it is 16 below zero with a windchill that makes the temp feel like -33! It is cold!!!