Friday, June 08, 2007

ME#4 - The Swallow and the Other Birds

Oops, almost forgot to post my thoughts or lessons gleaned from this fable. As always, those who commented had slightly different twists on it, all good. It was applied to parenting, to the younger listening to the older, to heeding wise counsel in general, and to nipping problems in the bud. I guess the initial thoughts I had on Wednesday, when I posted, were closest to those of Susan (Penless Thoughts): If you've been warned of a threatening peril, especially if the warning comes from someone older and wiser, you should take heed and do what you can to eliminate the hazard before it develops into real harm. If you don't, that which you've been warned about could entrap you and even bring about your downfall.

Most definitely, it teaches that we should take heed to wise counsel--all of us. There are a multitude of Scriptures for this, aren't there? This is a good little fable to teach your children and grandchildren!!

Thanks for participating!


Penless Thoughts said...

So I was on the right track :o)


Very Good. I really like this. connie from Texas

Beverly said...

Great application!

Just Theresa said...

Thats neat, I really liked doing it. It was fun :)

Beka said...

Very good thoughts from everyone!