Thursday, September 13, 2007

Girls Day Out

You've seen these two on this blog before, especially my granddaughter on the right. The last time you saw them together was in April when I did a post called "Sunday School Lessons." They were about seven months old then and they are still buddies. As you probably know, at this age little ones don't do so well with all that goes into a friendship, but now that they've just turned one, they do make little attempts at it. Or may we say, others attempt it for them. Our friend Beka is taking care of Ava this week so she and Bev had a "play day" yesterday, including an outing with the girls. Lots of fun! I'll leave it for Beka to tell you more about her week with Ava.

Actually, this is a prayer request. Selena will be coming tomorrow afternoon and staying until Saturday afternoon, so that Bev and Edie can attend the various services being held for the slain husband and wife I've been talking about recently. Edie's close friend, who actually was best man at Bev's wedding, is the son of these two "fallen soldiers," whom Edie always felt were like "other parents" to him. You can see that these are difficult days for my son-in-law, as well as for some of their other friends who are in the family. So, we won't be going. I think we all decided that Selena would be better off here, away from the huge crowd of people and the emotions that her parents will be dealing with. We need prayer because it's the first time she's ever spent the night away from her parents. This is a huge deal because it's pretty well known that she's very attached to them, particularly to her mom. Even though she loves PopPop, Nanna and Auntie Nee, usually when she wants Mommy, she wants Mommy. So pray for her, and for us, and for her mommy particularly who will, of course, be wondering how she's doing. (They'll be a little more than an hour and a half away.) Thank the Lord for cell phones!!!

And I ask continued prayers for this dear family, the church family, and the many friends through this time of grieving, while yet rejoicing in the triumphant lives of these two treasured saints.


Beverly said...

Our play date yesterday was so much fun! Anyway -- thank you for asking for prayer. I think I am going to be the one dealing with separation anxiety!
May God's name be glorified this weekend.

Beka said...

Yes, it was fun indeed! I'm just getting ready to do my post about this week. It was good to see you today! And by the way-- I found the soccer field just fine :-)

We are already praying for you all this momentous weekend.

And yes, Bev, may God's name be glorified this weekend. That says it best.

Sara said...

I will you be praying for you! :)


I am still praying for you all. You will do great with your Grand daughter. I am sure it will be hard to some extent for Grandmama, Mother and baby. I will be praying for it to go smooth. I know how a Grandma feels at times like this. connie from Texas

Lori said...

I will be praying!

What a glorious time of being able to bond with your grand-daughter! Soak it up Nanna!

Mommysmart said...


Cathy said...

I read about that precious outing at Beka's. :o) I pray everything will be just fine this weekend.

A Note From Theresa said...

From cute to sad just that fast. Praying.

Maxine said...

Hi All,
Thanks for all the prayers. Everything worked out fine:

Selena was happy and relaxed the whole time, even though she would sometimes say "mommy" or "daddy" with kind of a question in her voice. She slept well through the night and took good naps. Gave us big smiles throughout to brighten our time with her. So I say that God can work even in the heart of a one year old! Now Nanna's tired from running after a beginning toddler.:)

From what I hear, the memorial services were reverent and honoring to our two departed friends. But most of all, I hear they magnified the name of Christ. Glory be to His Name--Crown Him With Many Crowns! (see my next post)

Elise said...

I read this last week - I prayed as well.

What a gift - to be so close to your grandchild! :)