Thursday, September 20, 2007

Had a Wonderful Time!

O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things. . .Isaiah 25:1

Hi there, we're back! Most of you folks didn't even know we had gone, did you? Actually, we've been away for a few days and I never got to tell you we were going. We finally had a little getaway, something we don't do often enough. We went over to Pa Dutch Country about two hours away from us--a place we love to go whenever we want a peaceful and relaxing time, enjoying some of the wonderful things in God's world. It was a wonderful time for just my hubby and me, staying at a wonderful historic inn, eating wonderful food at a wonderful restaurant, and especially loving the wonderful weather in our area right now. We got to go shopping at a lot of wonderful little shops and ride around the wonderful countryside. This wonderful little trip was a gift from our wonderful church family, to mark the occasion of my wonderful husband's birthday a couple of months ago. Our wonderful daughter number one took care of our wonderful daughter number two, along with our not-so-wonderful dog Frodo (who almost got sent home from camp for several reasons, but that's another story).

So, now we're back home, and that is wonderful. God did something nice for me, though at the time I wasn't so happy about it. I was quite excited when I got my first laptop earlier this summer and I took it with us, thinking how neat it would be to blog from over there. Well, the first thing that went wrong was that I forgot to take the cord. Don't ask me how I forgot it, but I did. After getting over that and knowing that the battery was fully charged, I calmed down and figured I'd get my email and sparingly use it. Well, something was wrong and I couldn't get on the internet nor was Outlook working. I got connected to the wireless network that the inn provides, but it kept saying "Local Access only." The people who work there didn't understand it and I have yet to figure it out. I'm not sure, but I am suspicious that it has something to do with Windows Vista. I'll be trying to find out why, because I surely don't want that to be a problem when I go places. After all, why have a laptop? Well anyway, I think maybe the Lord wanted me to concentrate more on my husband, the birthday boy, and on the wonderful world we were enjoying for those few days. There is life beyond the computer, you know. Thank you, Lord.

And by the way, Frodo is a wonderful doggy most of the time.


Beka said...

Welcome back! Glad you had such a wonderful, wonderful time. We were thinking of you.
Hope the rest of your week is wonderful, too!

sparrow's song said...

Wow, sounds like a terrific get away. Sorry your laptop gave you such problems. But I think you did get the same message I got when taking my laptop on vacation and that being to spend time 'away' from the computer and more with loved ones.

So, did you stay overnight there? In a cabin?

Beverly said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful!

Bethany said...

I hope you enjoyed your vacation! I did know that you were gone but only because I went and read Neesie's blog. Hope you figure out what is wrong with your laptop soon.

Cathy said...

What a wonderful gift from your church family! I am glad you had a wonderful time.

Barbara said...

I doubt there is anything with your new laptop. It was probably the service at the motel. We had that problem in Franklin, TN in July. Got connected, but it would only stay on a minute or so - kept saying we were online, but nothing happened. Tried for hours. Came home - no problem getting online.

Have you tried it at home? Or, do you have wireless at home?

Maxine said...

Thank you all my friends for the welcoming words.
We did stay overnight, Sparrow, for two nights. We stayed in a historic inn which was so tastefully decorated all throughout. A real delight.

Barbara, my laptop is working perfectly here at home. I'm typing on it now.I was told by someone that it could be that my home network is secured and the wireless network at the inn was not, so therefore was not compatible. Something needs to be done with settings, but that's beyond me. I'll probably check it out with the "geek squad" soon.


I am so glad you had such a wonderful time with your husband on your get away. We missed you and are glad you are back.

Sorry the computer didn't work. Computers are supposed to

God bless you. connie from Texas