Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Awards and a Tag

In the past few days I was tagged and it was then that I realized I'd been remiss: Someone sweet gave me a sweet award called Blogging with a Purpose and I never acknowledged it. Sara is a nineteen year old friend whom I dearly love. She's a member of my church and a very close and precious friend to my younger daughter, Neesie. I think she is somewhat rare in this day because she is not peer-oriented. She doesn't mind counting older people, whether they be young marrieds or grandparents (like me), as her friends. She'll comment on my posts and write on my Facebook "wall" as much as she would those in her age group and she's not the least bit hesitant about doing so. But, on the other hand, I want to publicly say how much I have appreciated the friendship she's given to Neesie. The fact that she is four years older has not been an issue. She has given true friendship to my daughter, not a condescending one. This was true even when the two of them first started to become close, at the ages of 15 and 11. To tell you the truth, little did she know that she was an answer to prayer at that time. Neesie was particularly needy for reasons I won't go into, and the Lord sent Sara. So, thanks for the award, Sara, but thanks also for so much more. Also, thanks for being a diligent substitute Sunday school teacher. :-) I recommend that you go visit Sara at her blog "In Christ Alone."

Also, this week there was another sweet award called Best Blogging Buddies. It came from Cathy at "Melodies and Hymnsongs", a really neat blog. I've never met Cathy, but she really does seem like a friend to me. She also likes to win prizes from me! She emails nice interesting articles to me because she has come to know the type of things I'm interested in. I think that's very thoughtful and I appreciate her heart. If you haven't been to see her, please do--you'll find it a pleasant place to visit, with beautiful pictures, poetry and hymns. Thanks, Cathy.

Now most of you know what I'm going to say: I don't like to name names in passing on awards. I made up my mind some time ago not to do it anymore. Besides, it would cause me to worry too much that I was slighting somebody, and I don't want any more worries! As before, I direct you to my post of July 30, 2007, "Reflecting on Blogs," as the same would apply now. I appreciate all of you who have become my bloggy friends!

Another friend, Monica at "A Day in the Life of Mommysmart" tagged me. I wrote and told her I probably wouldn't be able to find the time to do it, but I think I'll give a quick go at it. I have to say, I enjoy going to Monica's blog. I think she has a lot of unique posts there. She's a lot of fun. She is a wonderful support to her husband, a football coach, and to her children. Check her out when you can.

Well, in compliance with the tag, here are five quirks or unimportant things about myself. It wasn't difficult to think up quirky things, I have to admit:

1. I'm deathly afraid of caterpillars. The black fuzzy kind. In fact, I dread the coming of spring because of them. I know I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating. Yuck.

2. I like to give all my cups and glasses turns. I feel sorry for the ones that haven't been used in a while, so I'll reach all the way in the back to get one that I feel has been lonely.

3. When I buy something new, I don't like to wear it right away, because it won't be new anymore. I like to have things around for a while before I use them.

4. I'm afraid of doctors. Not altogether but sort of. I think I'm developing a phobia about medical tests too.

5. My toes overlap. All my life I've been ashamed of my toes and secretly envied people who paint their toes and wear open toe shoes.

I'm now tagging: Neesie, Sara, Bethany. Some others might like to pick up the tag. Feel free.


Neesie said...

Thanks mommy! I'll enjoy doing that...whenever I can get to it!

I love you Sara...mmmwha! :-)

Sara said...

Mrs. R!! I really don't know what to say--except thank you! Neesie and you have been such blessings to ME. Neesie is a wonderful friend- she is so Godly and so firm in her faith! Many young ladies, including myself, can learn from her example. :)

Thank you again-I am speechless!! I love you both very very much!


NannyKaren said...

Hi Nanna!
I enjoyed visiting you today...I will be back!

Cathy said...

Thank you for all those kind words, Maxine. Yes, I do like winning your prizes. :o) Perhaps I had better not sign up again. lol I do feel like we know each other and have a lot in common. Thanks for your sweet friendship.

Beverly said...

How sweet! I love posts like this one. Sara has been such a blessing to me as well, so I'd like to raise my hand and say "Me too!" She has been sooooo very generous to Lena as well ;-)

Cathy, you are a sweet blessing from the Lord as well.

much love!

oh - and mom - I'm glad you realize you have that quirk about not wearing or using new things for an unbelievable amount of time ;-)

Beka said...

OK, I had to smile when I read #2, #3, and #5, because I can relate! I have the world's ugliest toes, and I greatly dislike summer footwear because of it :-) And I always feel sorry for the cups in the back of the cabinet, and the plates at the bottom of the stack...

Anyway, both Sara and Cathy are incredible blessings to me as well! I second everything you said about them.

sparrow's song said...

Congrats on the awards. You are a wonderful person, well deserving of them.

2. I like to give all my cups and glasses turns. I feel sorry for the ones that haven't been used in a while, so I'll reach all the way in the back to get one that I feel has been lonely.

This is so funny but it's cute. As if they had little personalities or something.

4. I'm afraid of doctors. Not altogether but sort of. I think I'm developing a phobia about medical tests too.

Oh, so sorry. I have a bit of that too. Unfortunately, I've avoided going to the doctor because of it when I should have gone. But God pushes me into a corner so I have no choice. Later I'm glad He did. Can you relate to that?

Bethany said...

I shall try again to leave a comment! (not your fault in the least!) Thank you for tagging me! I shall try (at some point) to do it, Thanks again!