Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Good Parents

We discovered this fella resting in our back yard about midday on Saturday. At first I was concerned that he was sick, especially since he wasn't moving from the one spot. West Nile Virus is a concern in our area, with crows being particularly prone to it, so I was worried about that for a short bit. But after a while, we realized that he was a baby. My first tip off was when I looked up and saw a couple of adult crows going from branch to branch overhead. From what we could see, he had probably just left the nest that day. We watched for awhile, and out of extreme curiosity, I went out the front door to the gate to try to get a better view. I don't know whether it was Mama or Papa, but one of them flew to a branch nearer to where I was and I could tell it was keeping an eye on me.

After an hour or so, I got sick of waiting for this youngster to do something, so I ventured out to the yard and walked slowly in his direction, hoping to encourage him to leave. My goodness, what did I do that for! One of the parents came flying towards me, cawing angrily and flapping away. You never saw anyone run back into the house as fast as I did. So, I kept my vigil safely inside the sun room, watching and waiting for something to happen. I took one more trip to the side gate, whereupon a parent came to the same branch as before, staring at me. "I just want you to take your kid out of my yard, please," I said politely and went back in.

I did have to do something else with my day , so I went into the kitchen to accomplish something productive. Then came the ruckus. I'm not sure how it started, but I heard loud cawing and rushed to look out and saw that a poor squirrel was being attacked by one the parents in the vicinity of the baby crow. The squirrel must have made the mistake of going over to inspect, I don't know. I called my daughter to see the excitement, as the poor baby crow started squawking loudly and scurried (or whatever you might call it) over to a corner of the yard. The squirrel seemed confused and went that way too, got attacked again, and eventually hightailed it, or should I say bushy-tailed it, safely up a tree. In all this confusion and excitement, don't you know that the little one at last took flight and ended up on the roof of our sun room? I ran out front door again (I like this sort of thing) and went over to the other corner of the back fence and saw the poor thing crying away on the roof, being coaxed by his parents from high in the trees in a neighbor's yard. Finally, crying all the time, he took off and landed up on an oak tree branch! I applauded, his parents were satisfied, and everyone settled down. He stayed there for a long time resting, and the parents went off for a while, knowing their "child" was safe where he was. Then later I noticed he had gone.

Would it be that we'd all be such good parents, folks. At this stage in their "child's" life, he needed their constant, watchful eye. He needed to be protected, and he needed to be guided. No doubt right now they're teaching him the ways of the world he's going to live in and they're teaching him how to survive. Certainly, they've given us a good lesson in child-rearing, wouldn't you say? We can't leave our young children to themselves, can we? They'd never survive in this wicked world. We have to protect them and guide them: We have to give them God's Word; we have to show them Christ. We have to show them who He is and how to find Him; and then, by the grace of God, pray that the day will come that they'll flee to Him, as that baby crow eventually followed the bidding of his parents.


sparrow's song said...

What an event! We get involved in the birds here too, as you know. My husband declares that he doesn't do crows though. Sorry. But for me, I'd be compassionate towards a baby of any animal specie.

We just recently witnessed a hawk coming down and lifting off a small bird out of our neighbor's yard while we were watering the flowers. Very sad but that's wildlife. Good thing our weenie dog is a little chubby or they'd try to carry her off too. But then knowing the spicy chica that she is, she might bite 'em first.

Hope you're doing great.

Maxine said...

I know, Sparrow. That's always hard for me. I've seen a smaller bird in the grips of a larger one on several occasions and it always took me a few days to get it off my mind. But I always have to remind myself that He created the hawk the way He did for whatever reason He deemed best.

Kitty said...

This was such a fun post to read. I love watching these kinds of events, too!! And the way you compared it to the way we are (or should be) with our children, was beautiful. What a challenge it is in today's world, to protect our kids as well as we would want to, but so very important to keep them safe and give them a firm foundation in life so they can take flight when it's time!! =)


That was so exciting!!! I was pulling for the little baby. I wish all parents went to such length to protect their children. My wouldn't we have more secure children living in our mists. Thank you, connie from texas

blackberrycottage said...

Good Morning Maxine,
Thank you for stopping by yesterday. Oh I loved your post here. what a wonderful thing to witness. how much more our Heavenly Father loves us and watches over us. Yes, that I could be such an ever watchful , protective parent. Great post.
hugs Sandra in NZ

Baptist Girl said...

HI Maxine,
My children are all grown up now and yet I find we are still guiding the path at times. We never stop being parents do we?

Thanks for dropping in. *S*


Cathy said...

lol, a cute post, Maxine ~
We do want to look out for the baby birds. They are very interesting to watch. Did you take that good picture, Maxine?

Maxine said...

I did take the picture, Cathy. I was trying to work the zoom and it blurred a little. I tried to take more and I was concentrating too much, hence, I got a little shaky. I'll never be a great photographer, but it's fun. Who cares if it's not perfect?

kris said...

I loved this story, Maxine! We wear many hats as parents - cheerleader, protector, teacher, friend, etc. And we have our heavenly Father watching over us. Thanks for sharing a snapshot from your day!

Saija said...

awww, that's a good story ... and the Lord let you witness it all ... :o)

blessings on you, and thank you for popping by "my place"!!

Beverly said...

This was a great post, picture, and some wonderful thoughts on parenthood.

We just had some mourning dove babies in our yard, and I must confess that E and I were a little nervous when we went outside. WE thought the ever watchful parents might try to peck at us.