Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Links

You know that one of my main purposes in all this is to get us all to think. But, you know, as time passes on and there are but three more weeks to this election, I am hoping more than anything that as we think about all the issues, work our way through all the claims and accusations, and go beyond the mainstream media to dig for facts (I hope that's what you're doing), that we're seeing the dire need for prayer. Try to be knowledgeable about all that's happening in our country, and then seek the face of the Lord.

Well, I have a few links which I hope you guys will please check out. They all should have an impact in one way or another with helping to spur us on to thought and prayer.

1. I was very excited to have discovered Freedom's Journal Magazine, an online publication inspired by the first African American owned and operated newspaper in the United States, which was founded in 1827. Finding this website was exciting for me because it is not just a black publication, but primarily a Christian one. Please, I ask you, listen to this video by Freedom's Journal Magazine wherein several individuals respond to some important questions for Black Christians (This contains snippets from a longer video posted on the FJM website.):

2. I don't know how far this is going to go, but what happens next month may have an impact. Where the candidates stand on the education issue has come up several times in the campaigns. I want a good, solid education for our children as much as the next person, but I'm more concerned about where is our country headed with with this type of issue (As for me, this happening is yet another plug for homeschooling where folks can't afford private school):

3. My blogger friend Diana sent me a link to a website that she recently visited. A two part series which was broadcast regarding faith in our political system has helped her a lot, and she wanted me to pass it on to my readers. Because of my busyness and all, with grandchildren and the like (ahem!), I haven't gotten to listen yet, but trust it will be helpful to some:

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Cathy said...

A good video, Maxine ~
I have read about what happened in the CA school. I think more are going to be homeschooling. Thanks for the links.