Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Tips #6 - Save Your Back!

I just finished ordering something from Amazon and I'm very excited about it! I have been struggling with my vacuum cleaner for a while now, because lugging it around has not been good for my back, shoulders, and various other areas of my anatomy. Lately, getting up dog hair has been a never ending chore around here, at least until I can get my doggy to the groomer. Well, Bev told me about this neat little vc she just got and she's really loving it. She made a post about it yesterday at our business blog. I really encourage you to go read what she has to say. You may end up getting one too. You'll love the price ($20.00) and it qualifies for free shipping at Amazon! I just added one of those neat little devotional books by Elizabeth George ($7.99) and it took me over the $25 for free shipping. Go check it out at The SG Notebook. You also might want to leave a comment about any neat gadgets you have around your house.