Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Eating

My day was considerably brightened following my weekly visit to the supermarket. The fresh corn at ShopRite was delicious-it was sweet and tender, rather unusual for so early in the season, wouldn't you say? Not only that, they have watermelons at a great price; only hope I got a juicy sweet one. This is the time of year when we often try to shed a few pounds, and summer eating really does help out. And think of all the good nutrition we're getting in the summer fruits and vegetables! Following are my favorite food items which are in season during this time of year into the fall. I look forward to their arrival every spring and summer:

corn on the cob
zucchini and yellow squash
fresh garden tomatoes
fresh green beans
later on, peaches

I live in the Garden State and many of these foods are grown in abundance around here. A trip to the road stand is a favorite activity for us to get fresh corn,squash tomatoes, and other goodies during the hot weeks. If the birds and squirrels (which I feed) were not so ornery, I would attempt to grow some tomatoes and cucumbers in my little garden patch, but those days are gone. I've mentioned before how those critters have shown their appreciation for my winter feeding by including anything that I grow in their summer menu. So I gave it up, and have resorted to flowers. They even bother my poor helpless marigolds sometimes, so I may just give up gardening altogether and resort to hanging flowers only. Actually, I'm not the best gardener anyway.

What do you look forward to for your summer eating?


LisaShaw said...

Love your list other than I'm not a big blueberry person. I'm unsure why other than it was not a fruit a grew up on but the rest on your list I truly enjoy.

Happy summer eating!

Susan said...

I love all the fresh fruits and veggie's of summer too. My absolute favorite is a bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich!!!!

Maxine said...

Yum-yum, Susan! I forgot about those. I want one of those sandwiches next time I have the garden tomatoes!

Maxine said...

Lisa, I just recently developed a taste for blueberries. Now I love them on vanilla ice cream or stirred into vanilla yogurt.

~~Deby said...

mmmmmmm....these sound so good...
we love blackberries and they grow abundantly on my side of the state...fresh corn, watermelon..REAL tomatoes..fresh green beans..eaten RAW...
yes..I love summer foods too

Debra said...

What a coincidence! corn on the cob and watermelon are right at the top of my list too! I also love fresh home grown tomotoes. Of course I don't grow them myself, but plenty of others here in the south do! Hope you are having a great day today, Maxine.


Denise said...

yum yum yum! Love summer food...... IN fact I am on a raw food diet and have you ever took a big bite into that ear of corn RAW..... You will be amazed! I have 1/2 ear every day and I so love it that I sit down and eat it slow and enjoy every bite.....I have to share it with my love bird Moses but he does not eat much....... hahahaha

Try it! Then I eat a lot of fruit, veggies and carrot juice (fresh) Tomorrow I hit the pool, hope to drop 50lbs this year..

Maxine said...

Some of you are talking about eating veggies raw. I'm sure the nutrition is very high that way. Can't say I ever ate string beans raw, Deby, but it's worth a try, I guess. And Denise, no I cannot imagine corn raw, but we'll see.

Debra, you must get lots of goodies down there in the south!

Cathy said...

I love all those good fruits and vegetables too, Maxine. But you know, before I went to the hospital, I almost bought a cantaloupe from Wal-Mart. Then the week after, I heard they had been recalled at Wal-Mart for salmonella. Wonder what is with that?!

Maxine said...

Oh no, Cathy! I didn't hear about that! And I've been craving cantaloupe.