Monday, December 07, 2009

Cookies and Things

My two little sweeties and their mommy came over on Saturday and this is what we all did. Now that was fun! Aren't grandchildren the best? One of these days we may pass on the recipe; they were yummy. I am not a great fan of gingerbread cookies, but we adjusted a recipe from Allrecipes. com and they came out delicious. Or maybe we should keep it in our secret family recipes, so that Selena and Shana can it put away in their hope chests.

And Selena even helped us trim the tree for the first time! (Sorry I don't have a photo.) And what was Shana doing then? She was dancing around the room with ornaments! Well, it was one of those days we nannas love best. And this particular nanna needed that day. Lots of less fun things going on around here these days which I'll share at another time. All is well, though, and as you know, God is good...all the time.


Susan said...


Debra said...

He is a good God, Maxine, all the time! Those cookies look delicious!

Hey, how 'bout those NY Giants! They looked very good this week end!

Laurie said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful, Maxine, and I am glad you had a wonderful day with them and their mommy. What a precious Christmas memory you are creating with your sweet little girls! I made gingerbread cookies with my kindergarten classes for many years - so fun and a bit hectic! Now I look forward to baking with a much smaller but far more precious group, the 3 JEMS, Jack, Eli and Maya! And yes, God is good always and forever!

LisaShaw said...

God is indeed good all the time. Beautiful photos and precious memories.


Linda said...

They are just too cute for words Maxine. Oh yes - grandchildren are an extra special blessing.

Cathy said...

Loved your pictures, those little girls are so cute, and the cookies are so pretty. Glad you all had fun ~


Dear Maxine, That was a blessing to behold! It brought back many a precious memories to me from the days when my Grandchildren were that age. You are a wonderful Grandma.

We do have a great God!!! One that knows our cares and love us with such great love. connie

Patti said...

Oh, Maxine, that sounds like a lovely time together. I think mother/daughter baking days are so fun (in your case that is mother/daughter/granddaughter).

What a tasty way to make some memories.


PS It doesn't look like the Phillies are interested in keeping Pedro Feliz, does it?

Maxine said...

Just a few words to my sports loving friends:

Debra, I was glad to see they won, but now I'm nervous about Sunday. They play the Eagles of all people, for me the most hated foe, and I am surrounded by their fans who will rub it in big time if they beat us.

Patti, I know. I am so sad that they don't seem to want him. You know how much I like him. I am probably going to be a little sour about this new guy Polly for that very reason.

Beverly said...

Good Memories!

sparrow's song said...

What wonderful and treasured memories to make with your grandchildren. I hope to have days like that in the future.