Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Proving Myself

I've recently made a rather strange discovery: I like geometry. In fact, I really like it--a lot. When my older daughter Bev was going through this unpleasant experience (for her), we had folks in our life who were available and willing to help her get through it, but Neesie's situation is different and there is really no one convenient to help, other than the teachers at ABeka.There are times when that may be useful, but you can just imagine how needful it is to have someone right on the spot to work with any student. Unfortunately, her dad and I never had the subject when we were in school. Well, at this late stage in my life, I am trying to learn it as best I can so that I can better talk to her about why the answers are what they are in my teacher key. And I am learning! And wow, is it ever fascinating! (I think my daughters view me as a bit odd that I enjoy it so much, but they shouldn't be surprised considering their mom is one of those weird people who likes to do logic puzzles while sitting in waiting rooms and riding in the car.)

Neesie says it has helped that I can talk to her about things and make some sort of sense when I couldn't before. I'm still behind where they are in class, but pray I can keep up enough to help her with the many ins and outs of angles, quads, triangles, and the rest. At least now I know what S.A.S. means and what a transversal is ! (Okay, I'm showing off.) Now if I learn to do a proof all by myself without looking in the teacher's book, I will really have proved myself! I'm getting a lot of help from Geometry for Dummies (appropriate for me), so by and by, maybe I'll get there.

Anyway, I can't spend my days doing geometry. I have to cook, clean, drive the mom taxi, grocery shop, and all that boring stuff. So. . . . blogging is being pushed aside again. But I'll be back! And I'll sneak in to see you my dear friends every little chance I get. That is, when I'm not doing geometry!


Cathy said...

Well, bless your heart, Maxine. I love math, but was not so hot on geometry. I think it is difficult. Good for you!

Maxine said...

Don't pat me on the back too much, Cathy. I still keep running into things I can't quite get and I read it over and over to get it through my thick head--such as the reasoning in a proof I was just reading! Things come a little more slowly at this age. lol

Susan said...

I think that is wonderful. Not only for your daughter...but for you!!! Way to go, Mom!

Linda said...

You have my utmost admiration Maxine. I barely made it through geometry in high school and presently could not tell you a thing about it!

Debra said...

Here there Maxine, I know what you mean, I haven't been blogging too much of late myself, but still enjoy visiting the blogs.

How great it is that you can help with that geomentry. There is no way I would be able to tackle that.

So sorry your dear Giants have been struggling. I'm actually surprised by that and of course pleasently surprise that the Saints have had such a good year. I love the Giants and hopefully they will be back on track soon!

Take care now, God bless!

Patti said...

Much to my surprise, I was actually able to teach Geometry to Garrett, mostly because I use Math-U-See, which has incredible teaching videos. I wouldn't say I loved it, though.

However, grammar is a whole other story. I LOVE grammar and loved teaching it to my kids...and that love has made me realize just how badly educated our nation is. You wouldn't believe how many things I see in print (news articles among them!!) with wrong grammar or even wrong when people use the word except when they really mean accept. Or then instead of than.

Oh, my, those things are like fingers on a chalkboard to me. I guess I went a bit too far with my love for the subject.

Have a great day.


LisaShaw said...

I was not fond of math at all in school :) but glad you're enjoying it. Praying all is well with you and your family dear sister.

Cathy said...

I have an award for you at my blog.

kris said...

Hi Maxine-
Geometry was not my favorite math subject, but I was a math major in college. I love those logic problems too!
Good for you that you want to keep learning- good luck with the geometry!

diana said...

geometry was my most favorite subject in high school. don't know if i could figure it out now, but oh, how i loved it. and i've always enjoyed puzzles and logic problems.

Beverly said...

Ohhhhhhhhh ... I don't think I'm feeling so well. Seeing that geometry is making me sick!