Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hobbling Along

"He who limps is still walking." ~ Stanislaw J. Lec

I ran across this quote a few weeks ago and took note of it then. I don't know who this fellow is that said it, but I said to myself "Now that's the right attitude to have." Then, a couple of days ago, I saw it again and it had an even greater impact. You see, when I got up on Monday morning, I realized that my right big toe was hurting when I walk. I have no idea why; it's almost as if it was injured, but when and how who knows? Well, it still hurts to walk on it, but thankfully I am walking, even if it's not a very pretty walk.

Even worse than that is my husband. He went for an MRI on his hip Monday (it gives him trouble off and on) and since then, he's been in a lot of pain, probably because of lying in an uncomfortable position for that long. At least I only hurt when I walk, he hurts all the time right now, and getting into a comfortable position lying down is quite a challenge!

I talked to our daughter Bev earlier and she has this sciatic type pain from time to time and is having it pretty big time today! So we're quite a crew, aren't we?

Neesie has to work extra days this week so Chuck and I are needing to take her back and forth to work more days than usual, so that has added to the fun. At least, driving isn't painful for me, and for him I guess it's no worse than lying down.

So that's where we are with things right now. Thought I better check in. The taxes are done; third quarter grades were mailed in on Tuesday; and we've started putting our new products online. Go check them out when you get a chance! And please pray for us!


Brenda said...

Father, I life up Maxine, her husband and daughters. I pray for healing and relief from their pains. Let their day be blessed and fruitful. Let them be even more aware of Your presence that they normally are!
God bless, Maxine!

Nama said...

Ahhh, Maxine! I'm right with you on that. I am into the chirpractor on maintenance every four weeks. I had a neck & back injufty 26 years ago that left my body changed for ever. After having 7 babies, my right hip hurts often as well, so sometimes my walk isn't so pretty either, but like you said....I'm still walking! Praise the Lord.:) I will be praying for you guys. (((Hugs))) to you,

Susan said...

Father God I bring Maxine, and her entire family before you right now as I enter your throne room on their behalf. Thank you Father God that you give us the privilege of praying one for another. Father God I ask you to touch the toe, the hip and the nerve in these three precious ones of yours. By your stipes we are healed. Thank you for not only hearing our prayers, but answering our prayers. In my precious, precious Saviors name, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Maxine said...

I love you guys; you are so precious. Thank you for those prayers. I'll say one for you too, Jana!

Linda said...

I'll be praying Maxine. I love the little quote. It seems very appropriate for all of you right now. I'm praying you'll all soon be striding along without pain very soon.

Denise said...

Praying for you my friend... I just have no time for blogging right now but sure do miss all of you....... Sounds like your plate is full also..... I will go and check out your goodies in a minute......

have a blessed Friday!

Cathy said...

Oh, Dear, I'm sorry you all are in such pain. I'm praying for God's healing touch. Hugs, Cathy

Amelia said...

Oh Maxine,I will certainly be praying. I can relate to some of this, I've had a pinched nerve in my back since the beginning of December.

My back is getting better little by little but this week has been a difficult one.

So sorry you all are going through this, I can sure understand.

My prayers are with you, He is the great Physician and we know we can trust Him as we hobble along. : )

Hugs to you, ~Amelia

Laurie said...

Oh, Maxine, I am just getting back to reading blogs after being out of town for nearly 2 you and your family to heal; I know that the Great Healer is working in you. I am sorry to read about all of your pain, and because I live with it daily, I do know what it is to trust Him even in the pain.

Today is a day of rest for me after traveling and our granddaughter's birthday on Sunday. i hope in your day to day activities you, too, are able to find rest.
Blessings and hugs,
Laurieweeks, and I do pray for

Susan Skitt said...

It can be frustrating when we are suddenly not able to do all that we need to do. Will be praying for you all my friend.

It's been that way since my surgery and complications - but I am trying to take the time to rest - I just wish there wasn't so much that still needs to be done, but God's knows, Amen my sister?

It just makes me long for my new body one day knowing that these frail shells will be replaced with a glorious body fashioned after Christ's resurrected body!

Hugs to you and thank you for your prayers!


LisaShaw said...


Just came by and glad I did...praying for you and your entire family right now in Jesus Name!!!

I also like the "light moment" post you did above this one.

Remain strong in the LORD and in the power of His might. His Hand is upon your family dear sister.


Dear Maxine, I am late getting to the post, but I find that prayers are always a help. so, I am praying for you.

The first time my big toe hurt as you explained, I found out later when I had the second attack that I had gout. I pray that is not what you have. Sure hope your husband's hip gets better. Jim has been having lots of pain in his right hip going into his groin. He made a Dr.s appointment then got to feeling better before the day so canceled the appointment. He has this pain from time to time. It will probably be back. It seems to get worse all the time. I sure wish he would have gone to the dr. to check it out.

Will continue to pray for all of you. connie