Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today, Not Yesterday

I have no yesterdays,
Time took them away;
Tomorrow may not be--
But I have today.

~ Pearl Yeadon McGinnis

What a reminder. I needed this, and I think perhaps many of you do too. Don't you pray that our Lord will help us to use today wisely, while laying aside any regrets about the yesterdays? Sometimes I reflect on how hungrily time is eating up my yesterdays, but that's not the right approach. In keeping with the apostle Paul, I hope you and I "forget those things which are behind, and reach forth unto those things which are before," continuing to "press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 3:13-14)

I'm hanging in there, trying to press on. Hope you are too, knowing the Lord will take care of tomorrow. I'm working on writing projects, and when I do, you understand that blogging suffers. Did you know I have four blogs? Well, I do. Two are connected with the home business, one of those is for children, and I stubbornly refuse to drop any of them, as they are all much enjoyed, each in a different way.

The above quote was borrowed from a delightful book by Emilie Barnes, entitled 15 Minutes with God for Grandma. You grandmothers might think about picking up a copy. The meditations Mrs. Barnes offers are short and sweet, plus she seems to be a kindred spirit in her love for quotes. A couple of them were just perfect thoughts for two blogs today, and I'll probably find more for the future. Some of you who are quotes lovers would appreciate that as well. I do recommend the book; it's a nice companion to a cup of tea or coffee.

I have a very old click art collection that has loads of flower graphics that are, of course, beautiful. What do you think of this lovely flower? Aren't flowers a wonderful gift from our kind Lord? Enjoy this one and have a blessed day. I hope to do some visiting to see some of you very soon.


Linda said...

Maxine, the quote and the flower are just beautiful - two of my favorite things.
I admire your determination to embrace today. I'm trying to do that too. It is so easy to look back with regret and then look ahead with fear. The Father gives us grace for each day.

Maxine said...

I know, Linda, believe me, I know. By the way. Your post today touched my heart so much.

Denise said...

The flower is beautiful and the thought is heart warming. I think we are all finding that life is just so hard sometimes and there are days that to just sit and remember is comfort..... BUT we must go forward and understand that HE did not promise easy days but promised to be there with us no matter what.... I have been sick since Sunday and wonder why it is taking so long to bounce back... "sigh" oh well.... I look forward.......

Love ya girl

Mary R. said...

What a great poem and post. I've got several blogs, too! Blessings, Maxine. (P.S., you're nothing like that icky cartoon Maxine!)

Brenda said...

As my husband and are are healing from our past 'traditions of men' and the false sense of responsibility we carried, this is timely. To know that it's over, the past is gone and to live for right now, this minute is encourging. "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."
In This Day!

Susan said...

I think one of the most important thing is to learn to live in what I call "day tight compartments" where each day truly stands alone and for itself.

No, I had no idea you had 4 blogs :o)

Amelia said...

I really enjoyed this Maxine. The flower art? I thoroughly enjoyed it too...Lovely, and so sweetly old fashioned.

Bless you Maxine, I can so relate to these thoughts...


Maxine said...

But remember, Denise, dear girl (and others), sometimes the sweet memories keep us going as well. I don't want to completely forget everything about the yesterdays because there is much in them that is rich. So let's try to forget only the chaff, ok?

Believe me, Brenda, I know all about those "traditions of men." Been there and done that too.

Long time no hear from, Mary R. Owe you a visit too.

Susan, love your wisdom, dear one.

Amelia, we are so kindred in so many ways. You're encouraging to me as you remind me that all that I hold dear has not been done away.

Karen said...

I like that quote and artwork, too. I think that little book sounds like a good one! Thanks for the comment and memory you shared at Nana Stories.

Maxine said...

Your welcome, Karen. I always enjoy visiting with you. Your blog is sweet and heartwarming.

Laurie said...

My dear friend, it was good to find your comment on my blog today, and to come read your post today was like a balm. The flower is precious as is the quote, since my recent past and today have been nursing the cold/flu that got worse. So each day has been spent napping, watching movies and listening to the Word on the radio.

It is such a gift you have, Maxine, writing and serving the Lord through your home business. I always know you will come by for a visit on my blog whenever you get the chance. I will be sure to look for that book, as I love Emelie Barnes' writings.

The sun is shining here in Montana today, bringing warm temps in the 40s and melting more of the snow and ice. I can't wait to get some fresh air!

love and hugs,