Friday, March 11, 2011

Checking In

I don't know if you feel this way or not, but when I hear about a horrible disaster in another part of the world it usually seems funny that our lives go on as usual. Coming home today from some ordinary daily life things, I said to my daughter "Here we are going on with life as always and somewhere on this earth people are suffering from the effects of something that has completely devastated their entire well-being."

Well, I came to check in after my break and Japan, Hawaii, and those in the Pacific are fresh on my mind. I'm sure the same is true of you. Top of our prayer list for sure.

I am doing my income taxes again (as always this time of year), working on finishing up homeschool here in our house and prepare for graduation, doing little writing projects, looking at movies and dvds/videos of my new favorite TV program which I wrote about a couple of entries ago (love it), enjoying the grandchildren, teaching Sunday school, etc. etc. Nothing new. Somehow it's not that important anyway.

I notice quite a few of my blogging friends aren't posting as much either. I'm sure we'll all do it when we can and will all visit each other as time and circumstances allow.

Love you all. God bless.


Susan said...

I know what you mean about the "normalcy" of life going on. I was first struck with this 52 years ago when my father-in-law was killed on a construction job and the next day construction was going on as if nothing had happened and our family was torn in pieces.

I am finding myself almost too over whelmed with life to blog much. Hopefully this too will pass as I use to enjoy it so much.

A time to weep and a time to cry....etc.

Debra said...

Hi Maxine, I was thinking much along the same lines as I was watching the disaster unfold in Japan. God bless them...they will be years and years picking up the pieces.

I have the desire to blog but seem to be short on words these days. So when the time is right I will begin again. In the meantime I'll visit from time to time.


Maxine said...

Seems as though we're all feeling the same way. Don't know why, but I'm sure the Lord has His reasons.
Take care Susan and Debra. Nice hearing from you both and I'll see you at Facebook. But let's promise not to give up on blogging!

Karen said...

Joining you in prayer for the people of Japan.

Denise said...

I so understand .. I watch those pictures of those beautiful people of Japan... it breaks my heart and I just cry... Makes my life feel like a fairy tale.... How precious is our life... how precious is our hope that we have in Christ..... I pray for those beautiful people and sometimes feel that my prayers do not get past the top of my house. Our world is changing and we need to look up and we need to share that hope with all that we see ..

I will come here often, but I am not blogging as much either......


Laurie said...

I watch the news about Japan and my heart is broken for the people as I see them searching for family members. I cannot imagine that, having never been in a situation anything like this, and yes, I am so aware of my daily life and the way things go on, and I wonder what it would be like to not even be able to see where your home or town used to be.

It is easy to feel dismay, what with this news as well as all that is going on in the mideast, but then the Lord's Word reminds me that He is in control, that He nevers sleeps, and that He desires all to come to Him.

I have been wondering about letting my blog go as I seem to have so much else going on, but I do love to be in contact with you and a few of my other blog friends. it has been hard to check blogs and I seem to only check a few that I am in regular contact with, such as you, Maxine, but that is enough, really. God has given me some wonderful blog friends that i look forward to meeting in heaven someday, if not before!

Love and blessings to you, my friend!

Maxine said...

Oh, yes, I agree. We all feel the same. Laurie and Denise, we all understand each other and will do the best we can. I haven't considered letting this blog go yet, but it probably won't take up as much of a chunk of my life and time as it once did. We'll see how the Lord leads all of us.

LisaShaw said...

I'm writing this as I listen to the post you have up first with the video...very touching...

My husband and I are always touched deeply by the devastation of others and we pray and sow as the LORD leads but I will agree that OFTEN people seem to go on business as usual without any thought of it and I think it's because until IT HITS close to home; some don't focus on it. As Christians we can't do everything but we can and must pray and do as the LORD leads...

Thank you for your heart of care Maxine!