Monday, March 28, 2011

Installation Delay

33% DONE. Install delayed....please wait.
Installation failed. Please try again.

(Saw this on a friend's Facebook status and couldn't resist copying. Problem is it's so true here.)


Linda said...

It has gotten really warm here Maxine, and I'm afraid we're going to skip right over spring and zoom into summer! Would you like a bit of heat?
I'm so glad you're enjoying the hymns. They really do minister don't they?

Maxine said...

Yes! Send us some,Linda!!

Love, Love, LOVE the hymns and thanks for those wonderful posts!

Patti said...

We're still waiting too. Winter's the season we get the most of...seems to arrive in October and not leave until the end of April. I'm ready for warmth and sunshine...and green trees!!

Have a great day.


Karen said...

Cute! I was beautiful, but the cold wind was sharp today when I had bus duty!

Laurie said...

Haha, Maxine, I just had to laugh at this, because we had about 1 inch of snow yesterday which was melted by late afternoon and today it is 50 degrees. The main thing is, the sun is shining! We have had a much cloudier winter than I can ever remember, and the sun really boosts my spirits! Praise God!!

Denise said...

I need you to upgrade your PC so it will get that download moving!

Brenda said...

I saw that one on someone's blog! Fooled me for a sec!
I think Spring is here, tho' we did get a good wet snow last night. Just what this farming community desparately needs. tho' the 50 mph winds weren't necessary in my opinion!

Debra said...

It was about 80 degrees here today and in the morning it's suppose to be 42 degrees. Crazy, but that's ok because I'll take any warm to hot days I can! Great to hear from you!