Friday, September 01, 2006

Special Baby

A little while ago, I got to hold a baby girl just three hours or so after her birth. No, it was not my granddaughter yet. But it was for me something of an honor to hold someone so soon after her sunrise. She is the new daughter of someone from our church and, of course, she is a special gift from God. Her mother was telling us how her new little daughter was very “grumpy” after her arrival. She didn’t seem very happy about coming into our world. She cried and cried so hard and for so long, her mama said. I guess that’s an appropriate response, wouldn’t you say?

Anyway, now I’m really feeling the anticipation about our own little one. This special baby girl is going to have a September 1st birthday. I wonder what Selena’s birthday will be? Soon, soon, soon by God’s mercies.

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Mrs. S said...

I'm glad you got to welcome little Ava into the world!!