Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Tag Thing

Minimal time for posting and commenting: just fitting it in here and there between other more important (?) things going on here. Thought I'd take a few minutes to pick up the universal tag that my younger daughter Neesie issued yesterday for a little fun activity going on at Xanga. Thought I'd bring it over here to Blogger. Here are the rules. Very simple.

Grab the book nearest to you, go to page 123, find the 5th sentence and put on your blog the next three sentences. Say the title of the book and the author’s name. Tag three other people.

Mine is following, in pink writing. (I cheated a little because the two books nearest me were a hymnal and a thesaurus and they just didn't work.) So I grabbed one of the cookbooks which are next nearest, since our computer is in the kitchen. That doesn't work the best either, but at least I found enough sentences.

1. Saute onions and garlic in oil in saucepan. 2. Combine all sauce ingredients in slow cooker. 3. Cover. Fix-It and Forget-It Diabetic Cookbook. By Phyllis Pellman Good

I don't like to tag people twice, so I'm going to pick on some folks I recently have met. I tag Lisa, Kris and Susan. Don't feel obligated, guys!


Beverly said...

I wanna hear the rest of the recipe!!!

lisa said...

I'll be posting mine soon. Thanks! I'm glad you told me, this post hasn't shown up on my bloglines yet.

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for the tag, Maxine. Haven't done this one yet so I'll give it a try!! Sounds different & unique.

kris said...

Hi Maxine - Thanks for the tag. Check out my blog for my three sentences.