Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Word from the Preacher

Commit thy way unto the LORD, trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

"Roll the whole burden of life upon the Lord. Leave with Jehovah not thy present fretfulness merely, but all thy cares; in fact, submit the whole tenor of thy way to him. Cast away anxiety, resign thy will, submit thy judgment, leave all with the God of all. What a medicine is this for expelling envy! What a high attainment does this fourth precept indicate! How blessed must he be who lives every day in obedience to it! Trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass. Our destiny shall be joyfully accomplished if we confidently entrust all to our Lord. We may serenely sing—

'Thy way, not mine, O Lord,
However dark it be;
O lead me by thine own right hand,
Choose out the path for me.'

'Smooth let it be or rough,
It will be still the best;
Winding or straight, it matters not,
It leads me to thy rest.'

'I dare not choose my lot,
I would not if I might;
But choose Thou for me, O my God,
So shall I walk aright.'

'Take thou my cup, and it
With joy or sorrow fill;
As ever best to thee may seem,
Choose thou my good and ill.'

"The ploughman sows and harrows, and then leaves the harvest to God. What can he do else? He cannot cover the heavens with clouds, or command the rain, or bring forth the sun or create the dew. He does well to leave the whole matter with God; and so to all of us it is truest wisdom, having obediently trusted in God, to leave results in his hands, and expect a blessed issue."

~Charles H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David

Two people have been on my heart for a couple of days. One is a young woman who has a desire for children; a desire which has been so far unfulfilled. In the next couple of days she'll be going through untested waters. The other is a sister in the Lord who has a heart which is breaking for her husband and sons. Sometimes she wades through the mire of one disappointment after another. These are two people who love their Lord dearly as they travel through rough seas. Both come to this blog regularly, so I know they'll read this: Listen to these words, dear friends, by the Preacher we all love. Let him minister to your hearts today, and to the heart of any other needy wayfarer who may happen to stop by.


Daughter of the King said...

Oh Maxine....this was wonderful encourgement to me too....

IT is hard to realize that GOD ALWAYS...always always...wants what is best for ME....for you...for those that LOVE HIM....oh to be so totally surrendered..that I could pray*THY WILL BE DONE IN ALL THINGS*...and mean it and let it all go....
love your blog.

kris said...

Thanks, Maxine! I need to be reminded over and over to quit worrying and give ALL my burdens to my God.
Is that partly because I'm a mom and a Nana?

Beverly said...

This was beautiful. I love the part "...winding or straight, it matters not, it leads me to thy rest."

I'm sure that this was an encouragement to your sisters in Christ who are struggling, but it was also a great encouragement to me as well.

Penless Thoughts said...

Good, good words.

Beka said...

Thank you... I don't know what to say. This was an unspeakably wonderful blessing to my soul tonight. I will read those words over and over several more times before my surgery tomorrow. I desire my heartfelt prayer to be, "I dare not choose my lot, I would not if I might; choose Thou for me, my God, so shall I walk aright."
Thank you, again, for posting these beautiful and heart-fortifying words. I pray that they will be a blessing to all who stop by here.

chrisd said...

How lovely and kind, Maxine.

People need encouragement, don't they?

Elise said...

Serenely singing...how beautiful. It doesn't feel serene very often. But somehow, whispering Spurgeon's words makes that feeling possible...
Praying with you for our friend(s)...