Friday, May 04, 2007

A Quickie - for Weeping Widows

I'm really pressed for time today, with homeschooling and housekeeping constraints, so have little computer time until later. But I had wanted to post for the persecuted church today, so here is a quickie:

I got a forward from Johnny Farese and it appears that our missionary in Turkey is ministering to one of the widows of the three martyrs from a couple of weeks ago. This one particular widow (I don't know if it's alright to say her name or not, so I won't) is trying to relocate and is receiving some assistance from her family. Her dead husband's family did not even attend the funeral so they are obviously not cooperating. The missionary is trying to establish contact with the other Turkish widow. I think the third man murdered was a German Christian. Please pray for the efforts to help their grieving wives. Let's remember their tears and the life that is ahead for them and their children. The two Turkish wives need housing and I'm sure there are safety issues for them as well. I don't know too much about the other man's family.

Also, dear saints, let's pray for these poor lost young men whose violence took the lives of these three believers. They need Christ as much as the next person. Who knows what miracles our God can do as a result of all this?

BTW, read this article at the Persecution Blog about the false report of torture that you may have heard concerning this situation.


Beka said...

Thinking about those widows and families breaks my heart, but I pray that God will use the cruel death of these 3 saints in Turkey to somehow further His kingdom. You are so right that the murderers need Christ. I tend to forget about that part, just thinking about how heinous the act was. Mark and I were wondering about our pastor-friend in Turkey and if he had opportunity to minister in this situation, so it was good to hear that update.

Beverly said...

Grieved for our fellow saints, and praying. I appreciate your reminder, because we get so caught up with our daily lives and forget what is happening around the world.