Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Choice: Life

I cannot believe it's been two years, but it has. Tomorrow the above young lady, my granddaughter, will be two years old. We are so thankful for her and for her life. We cannot imagine how it would be without her. She had a little party on Saturday, and here in this picture, while wearing her new Dora backpack, she is enjoying one of the little candy apples made for the occasion. And now, by the mercies of God, we await another little one, due in October. Well now, is God not good or what? "Happy Birthday" from Nanna to her little Sweetie.

This blog started shortly before Selena was born, and my very first post was speaking to that very issue: her time in the womb. On another day, I plan to post it again as a dedication to my coming granddaughter. I want to especially do this in light of the current political activities going on in our nation. I never like to get into politics; I find them distasteful. But I've had some stirrings in my heart of late that give me a sense that I shouldn't remain completely silent about these things, even though I'm not thrilled with a lot of things about this election. I'm sure many of you will agree with me when I say I've become increasingly disturbed about the direction our country has been going and continues to be going. Actually, it's rather frightening.

The past few days, I've heard and read some things that have really pressed hard on me. Yesterday, I heard an ad about seven times on our local news station, and I already heard it today during the short time I had the radio on. It was a pro-choice ad about the election, and had phrases in it such as "take away our right to choose," we can't let. . . take away our right to choose," and "that's what's at stake." The voice was that of a woman, of course, and she was right about one thing: This issue of abortion is "what's at stake." It's not the only important issue by any means, but there is no issue more important than that of the life of a human being, even the one in the womb. Well, the soul of an individual is more important, but we're not going to be faced with that in November.

Then, I read a very good article, written by a pastor acquaintance of my husband's, who was writing on this very issue of abortion. In this paper, he mentioned the failure of certain people who call themselves Christians to change the conscience of our nation, [he was speaking to fellow pastors of his particular ethnic group] and among other things he said:
  • We may be so focused on our individual rights that we have forgotten our future and heritage (our children).

  • We forget the teachings of Scripture when we go to the polls.

  • We vote with our minds as men instead of our Bibles as believers!

He said much more, but these hit home for me, especially the part about our heritage. Selena's birthday brought that to my mind all the more. I definitely do not want to EVER forget about the future and what it means to my children and grandchildren. I most definitely do not want to forget about this when I step into the voting booth on November 4. When that day comes, I want the lady speaking in the ad to know that is one choice I'm thankful to have. For the sake of my conscience towards God and for the good of my country's future, I will choose life.


Beverly said...

I remember the post you are speaking of. I absolutely agree with you - this issue of human life is so important. The current popular trends in our nation are grievous to me and to other Christians. That is why I am so thankful when someone will stand up for what is right and will "choose life."

Sara said...

Amen, Mrs. R! I 100% agree with you as well. I remember when my mother used to volunteer in a pregnancy center for young ladies who were considering aborting their babies, but were still unsure. My mom would occasionally bring me along with her. On one occasion, she showed me the very tiny fetus of an unborn baby that was kept on display.

I remember being so impacted by the detail the fetus had at such a young stage in it's life. It pains me to hear people speak of these little ones as nothing but "blobs" who have no significance in the human race. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and I hope and pray that more mothers will make the choice to save lives, not end them.

Neesie said...

Right on! I understand what you are saying too. It is sad and frightening to see what morals so many people of today have. Life is precious...ALL life!

Jonathan's Journal said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Granddaughter!!!

I loved McCain's speech, it made me cry too!

And your right, we need to be on our knees right now. Praying the right man gets elected. T

A Note From Theresa said...

Ummm, that last one was from me. My son forgot to log out again lol

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Barbara said...

Great post, Maxine! Our children are the world of tomorrow. And so many choose to abort one that may have been the leader of our great nation. But they will never achieve that position.

Congratulations to your granddaughter on her second birthday. Tell her Happy Birthday for me. Also, congratulations on your soon-to-be second granddaughter. They are so precious. Our son and his wife just had a new baby boy on July 15th.

Saija said...

that choice of life is so important ... it's the same when we accept Jesus as our Savior - we are choosing LIFE instead of death ...

Momma Roar said...

What a beautiful post (and beautiful little granddaugther!)

I was just popping over to say that I really appreciated your comment at Diana's - you said a lot of what I was thinking but couldn't put into words! I have that same feeling, that Palin is there FOR A REASON! I'm glad you shared your thoughts there and that I had a chance to read them! :)

Leigh Ann

diana said...

well written, maxine. it's sad that not all can see what abortion really is. that once a woman is pregnant, there is a real person being formed. how many real people never had a chance at life? we can pray big that all will come to the choice of life.

thanks for visiting and your comments. i appreciate what you, and other, shared. hope you stop by again some time.

~~Deby said...

Great post Maxine and a Happy Birthday to that sweet granddaughter of yours..

Penless Thoughts said...

A belated Happy Birthday to your lovely and sweet granddaughter!!