Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Messengers

As Jacob said when he was reconciled to Esau: "[These are] the children which God hath graciously given thy servant." (Gen. 33:5). Yes, friends, these are the two children whom God saw fit to bless my husband and me with. And He chose to bless us with these two girls by the wonderful avenue of adoption. One was born in 1980 and the other was born in 1992, both after the landmark decision of Roe vs. Wade, which brought about the legalization of abortion in our country. There were two people who could have taken that "legal" route, but chose to give these two girls life. I don't need to tell you how thankful we are for those two women and the decision they made. We have been blessed with two grandchildren, as well. One is delighting our lives and growing as kids do; you've seen her picture many times on this blog. The other is still in the womb. I will talk about them soon, Lord willing. Hey, I just thought of something. Maybe I'll take this picture into the voting booth along with a copy of my prayer from yesterday. I'm not kidding.

I view these two girls as our "messengers." There was a quote I read once, and haven't been able to locate again, but it said something like this:

"Children are messengers we send to an age we will not see."

I don't know the origin of it and would appreciate it if anyone else does, that they'd let me know, but these words are deep, friends. Think about what this person was saying. Do you view your children this way? Are you preparing and sending them forward with your dream for this country and for life itself? What an awesome responsibility we have! While we're thinking about the nation we'd like to see for them, maybe they can make a difference!

Now that my older, Bev, can vote, my prayer is that her choices will be a reflection of the message we hope to send to the future. Then, I hope she places the baton into her children's hands to pass on. I hope this is true not just for this election, but in everything life brings. And now we're priming Neesie to go forward.

My goodness, that quote grabbed me when I first heard it! Think about it--does it grab you, too? Even if you have children who are grown, it's not too late to influence them to make good and righteous decisions for the future, especially the future of America.

Adios, until Monday or so, when I have a few things I want to say about the media.

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Penless Thoughts said...

Great post and lovely picture of the joy and love of these two sisters. Indeed you are blessed. Thanks for the link in the following post. I appreciate your effort to help keep us all informed better. My word, it is all so hard to understand but I personally think our government cannot keep bailing everything out. We, as individuals, should be responsible for our choices and so should these companies and our elected representatives.

Maxine said...

I know, Susan. I have been having a very hard time trying to sort through it all in my own mind, as to what should be done. It's rather frightening, but just another area of life to beseech the help of our Lord. Perhaps this is one way that we have to accept the consequences of our past actions. There may be many more consequences coming.

Neesie said...

And I am thankful too. For a birthmom who gave me life, and a family who gave me A life. Which has been filled with God and more love than I could have ever asked for.

I do hope and pray that I will make wise choices with my life and that I will be a light in whatever kind of world this will become.

Linda said...

I love that quote Maxine - just beautiful.
Our daughter is adopted too - a beautiful young woman now who is an absolute joy.
The underlying "theme" for me these days is a deep gratitude that God is in control - of all the events going on around us and of our lives. I am thankful that that is a heritage I can leave my children and grandchildren that can never be taken away.

Beverly said...

I'm so thankful too - for God's wonderful provisions. I know I have a grave responsibility to make wise and godly decisions when I go into that voting booth. What a privilege!

Maxine said...

Thanks to my girls for being the messengers we need.

Thanks,Linda, for your visit and for sharing your underlying theme. It's the best one that any of us can have in these difficult days.

Barbara said...

You have to beautiful girls, and no doubt, with loving parents who have taught them well, they will make the right choice in life and in the voting booth.

Both my children are grown with children. We've talked over this election being probably the most important in our lifetime. I think they will make the right choice. I have two grandchildren old enough to vote, but I don't think they have registered. I hope they don't, considering they are 18 and 19 1/2. I want to think they are mature, but young people have not gone through the experiences we have and are too easily persuaded by others on what choices to make. I believe those two would make right choices, since they are responsible young people, and still home with Mom.

Cathy said...

I love the beautiful picture of your girls, Maxine. They are blessed to have you and your husband as their wonderful parents.


I love your two messengers to the future.

My husband and I have some messengers of our own that we have sent forward into the future and they have children that are just now turing of an age where they can vote and live the lives they have been taught from their beginnings. It is such a blessing to talk with Grandchildren that believe in things that you do and Love and want to serve the God of their Salvation. It is such a wonderful blessing of old age. connie

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh how lovely Maxine, I do need to visit this blog more often!!! How good God saw fit to send you and your husband these two precious gifts from God and now two grandchildren too! Praise Him! Messengers indeed and how needed it is in this age we're living in!

I've been reading my way back down through your posts here (awesome my friend), eventually getting to the post about the American Dream that you emailed me about.

I've been a bit busy the last few weeks as my posts have attested to. Also, my teenage son just had to write a paper about what is the American Dream for his Christian school. I'll give the link in your American Dream post.

sparrow's song said...

Even if you have children who are grown, it's not too late to influence them to make good and righteous decisions for the future, especially the future of America.

How wonderful to be blessed with children who follow after the Lord. And when they don't, the heartache is never ending. Such is the grieving of my heart for my son.

I pray God's continued covering over your life, over your home, and your children and grand children.