Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who Is On the Lord's Side?

Lately something has become quite clear to me: People are horribly divided. There are so many "sides" one against the other. All around you see bitter contentions and strife. To tell you the truth, if you're paying attention at all, it's getting somewhat scary. Which side are you on? Well, the only way you and I are going to make it through all of this is if we're on the right side of the only issue that really matters in the long run--that we are taking up our places in the army of God and battling all those who stand in opposition to His cause. Yes, reach out in love and invite even His foes to join in His military; but when the world says "No" to His offer in the gospel and persists in warfare, will you be on the Lord's side? Are you wearing your helmet of salvation? Got your shield of faith? Make sure that breastplate of righteousness is in place! And whatever you do, don't forget to take your sword--the Word of God!!! And you know you don't dare go into any battle void of prayer. Let's not worry--we're on the Lord's Side. But even more important, if we're in His army, then He's on our side!

Who is on the Lord's side?
Who will serve the King?
Who will be his helpers,
Other lives to bring?
Who will leave the world's side?
Who will face the foe?
Who is on the Lord's side?
Who for him will go?
By thy call of mercy,
By thy grace Divine,

Not for weight of glory,
Not for crown and palm,
Enter we the army,
Raise the warrior psalm;
But for Love that claimeth
Lives for whom he died:
He whom Jesus nameth
Must be on his side.
By thy love constraining,
By thy grace Divine,

Jesus, thou has bought us,
Not with gold or gem,
But with thine own lifeblood
For thy diadem:
With thy blessing filling
Each who comes to thee,
Thou hast made us willing,
Thou has made us free.
By thy grand redemption,
By thy grace Divine,

Fierce may be the conflict,
Strong may be the foe,
But the King's own army
None can overthrow:
Round his standard ranging,
Vict'ry is secure;
For his truth unchanging
Makes the triumph sure.
Joyfully enlisting
By thy grace Divine,

We are on the Lord's side,
Saviour, we are thine.


Susan said...

The divide is getting bigger and bigger and people are going to have to make the choice upon which side they stand. The line straddlers must decide. I'm glad I'm on the Lords side and there I will remain.

Thanks for another wonderful post. I always am happy when I see your blog come up on my list and know you've posted.

Brenda said...

My hand's raised! I'm on the Lord's side.

Denise said...

You know, You are right on. Such division in the world and as Susan said the divide is getting wider.. I say a survey on Fox News yesterday and more people consider Obama a hero over Jesus..... I read things like that and wonder what in the world people are thinking...... We are a Nation divided and a world on the brink........ I am on the Lords side........ I pray hard for those of my family that are still walking on the fence.... time to choose..

Maxine said...

All I can say to you Denise is that if I've ever heard a sad commentary on the state of this world, than that's it.

Cathy said...

A great post, Maxine ~ Thank God we are in His army.

sparrow's song said...

Well said, the divide is increasing. Where do we stand? It is one or the other but it can't be both.

Jesus said he came to bring a sword. The Sword of Truth that divides. Truth is not emerging. It was established long ago. It's written upon the hearts of the elect. Our spirits bear witness through His Spirit that He is the Son of God and His Word stands forever though heaven and earth will pass away.

God sees only two kinds of individuals...The Saved and the Unsaved. We are either for God or we are not. And that means aligning our hearts, wills, and minds with His agenda and definitions according as outlined in His word. We can't redefine Christ or Truth to be what we wish. He then becomes another god and one of our making and worship while truth becomes relative.

Pausing to pray for those who do not YET know the Lord.

diana said...

i read recently that we have gone quickly from a nation of believers to one of more of seekers and even more quickly towards more of anti-christianity.

i think there's many reasons for this but the bottom line is that it's sad... and scary.

i'm glad i'm on God's side and i'm proud and honored to serve in His army.