Saturday, August 22, 2009

Over the Counter Meds

A couple of days ago I got a forwarded email from a friend entitled "Interesting Medications from the Past." And interesting they are indeed. Here are a couple of the meds from that email:

This one, Bayer's Heroin, was sold between 1890 and 1910 as a non-addictive substitute for morphine. And get this: it was used to treat children with a strong cough. Well now, what do you think of that?

And how about this one? Cocaine drops for a toothache. According to the email, this product was very popular for children in 1885. Apparently, it not only relieved the pain, but made the children happy! No comment on that one.

There were more medicines pictured in the email, such as opium for asthma and others. I just don't know what to think, do you? Oh, by the way, did you notice the price on the toothache drops?


Susan said...

Oh my, I had no idea and had never heard of any of this!!!!

Neesie said...

Hahaha...this is amazing!

aspiemom said...

Hi Maxine! Wow--it's been a long time since back in the yahoo 360 days.

Hope you are doing well. That grandbaby must be getting big. Mine are 12, 10 and 8; 7th gr, 5th gr and 3rd gr. Unreal.

It was a treat hearing from you!

Brenda said...

Crazy! I could use some of the cocaine drops for my bad tooth...& the happy part too! Wonder where the nearest 'house' is hmmm.
Isn't that what was in the original Coka Cola? Heard that somewhere.

Maxine said...

You know, Brenda, I think I heard that too. That there was a time that Coke contained coke.

Debra said...

I can remember giving my babies 'paragoric' in the early 70's for colic. The doctors would prescribe it. You could go to jail for that today! Thank goodness we are a little better informed these days. But it does make me wonder about all the new medications we give today and how safe they really are!

Great post Maxine!

LisaShaw said...

Oh boy! I don't really know what to say. :)

I popped in to greet you and pass my love to you. I pray that you and your precious family are doing well in the LORD.

Love and blessings...

Beverly said...

Um ... wow. I had no idea! Unbelieveable!