Saturday, August 29, 2009

Only Jesus

It seems of late that the Lord has been impressing on my heart just how many trials and disappointments accompany this life. Change and uncertainty prevails. All around me, I see how others and situations so often fail us. Not in my personal life, mind you. Thanks be to God, unity and harmony prevail in our family.

However, I think the Lord has been making it clear to me that in this journey He has to be my all in all. It's so easy to look elsewhere--even to look to things that are good things, But nothing else is Jesus. Only Jesus is Jesus. Only Christ our Savior can take us to heaven and give us true salvation. Only our triune God can fill our hearts. It's okay that we love and appreciate others; I do. But it's my Lord who must be my all in all. I have sensed that there are some things that our enemy has put up to distract me. I refuse to be turned from my first Love. It's Jesus. Only Jesus.

If you happen upon this blog post and are despairing for one reason or another, or you have an emptiness in your heart even though people usually see you with a smile on your face, I implore you to flee to Christ. You can find Him in the words of the Bible. You can open a Bible and cry out to God to show you Jesus, and He will. You could read one of the gospels or the book of Romans, but wherever you begin, keep reading and keep praying for the Lord to open your heart to what He has to give you in His precious Word. If you read and pray with a sincere heart towards God, I am quite certain that our sovereign, omnipotent Lord will show you His Son. If you really want to be saved, tell God and ask Him to show you the way, and I believe with all my heart that He will. I believe with all of my heart that He will show you Jesus, because the way is only found in Him.


Susan said...

Often we settle for the good and miss the best. Jesus is not only the best, but the ONLY way. Wonderful post, Maxine.

Denise said...

Beautiful post girl...... HE is Lord to all those that will call on HIS name. We will endure trials and tribulations in this life time but HE has overcome this world and if HE has overcome we have peace in our hearts that HE can keep us!

Have a blessed Sunday

Debra said...

He is The Way , The Truth, and The Life, Praise the Lord!

sparrow's song said...

Who better than Christ to understand our loneliness. He is the one who will never betray us. Never leave us. What a joy and security in knowing that without a doubt. I shall not be moved.

The last of our bluebird babies have gone out into the world. Please see those photos when you have a chance.

Susan Skitt said...

Great post. I pray that those who need to find it - will!