Thursday, September 03, 2009

School's In Session

That's right! We just completed our fourth day of the new school year. I can barely believe I have a Junior in high school now. I can barely believe that we have survived ten years of homeschooling and have now started the eleventh year! Only the Lord could have brought us this far--we never could have done it without Him. In the beginning of it all I said I would take a year at a time, and each year we decided to do it again! At first,we lovingly called ourselves the "Solid Rock Christian School", but the fact of it is that we are a satellite school of ABeka Academy in Florida. We've been in the video/dvd program almost the entire way, and for high school we've been doing it for credit with the school, which means papers have to be sent in by a certain date. Keeps me on my toes! Otherwise, I would be forever dragging my feet grading quizzes and papers and keeping up the grading sheets.

I wasn't happy about having to get back into the school routine, but now I've settled in. Got all our books where they should be. Got all the tests and quizzes put in the place where they should be. Doing my assignment sheets every other day, and enjoying the sound of the the video teachers (and often the chuckles from my daughter over goings on in the video classroom). Actually, I like the sound of the teachers as they instruct the kids in the classroom, and their often remarks to "you who are listening at home..." Especially Mr. McBride. He's a favorite around here and Neesie has him for TWO subjects this year: Bible and American History. The latest of his was filmed in 2007, so I often wonder what Mr. McBride would be saying about the things going on in government today. Neesie will have him again next year when he's her teacher for American Government. I wish you could hear this guy when he teaches--he is something else. All the young people LOVE his class. Btw, he's a staunch conservative politically.

And all week the weather has been GORGEOUS here. A little cool for some people's liking, but I could keep it all year. How's it in your neck of the woods?


Susan said...

I pray a wonderful school year for you and Nessie.

Our weather here has been cool for August and so wonderful!!!! We've also had an abundance of rain. Usually we are burned up, dry and ugly by August. This year everything is green and beautiful. I believe it is in the natural the abundant rain that God is pouring out in the super-natural <:)))><

Cathy said...

Well, Maxine, I surely am glad you have some help with the teaching! You are very smart though. I hear your Neesie complaining about all the work sometimes. :) Have a great year.

Denise said...

It is cool in my neck of the woods and it is toooooooooo cool for this time of year. We should be in the high 90's and 100's and I would still be in the pool!!!!!!! BUT we are putting a heater on the pool and let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!! hahahhahahah

Debra said...

Believe it or not we have even had some cool days here in south Mississippi! Very unusal for this time of the year. Quite nice actually.

Takes a lot of dedication to home school and I admire those that do. My daughter in law home schools our grandchildren and it has worked out well since my son is in the military.

Have a great day Maxine, and a wonderful school year!

Patti said...

Want to hear something funny. You just began a new school year...and our family just completed our school year last Wednesday (August 26th). We have chosen to school through the summer and then take off the delightful fall months of September and October. So, although most people are gearing up for another year, I'm looking forward to my break.

We call our school Grace Academy, since it's only by God's grace that we are able to homeschool.

Hope you have a wonderful school year.


Maxine said...

I love the name of your school, Patti. You are so right--It's only by God's grace. Enjoy your break! There's no better time to take one if you ask me.