Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sorry to bring up this unpleasant topic and to display this photo, but this little lady shown above (and her sisters) is driving me batty. Unfortunately, late summer and early fall around here are made quite unpleasant by these critters. And now, they're coming into the house every chance they get. Let the dog in, and usually at least one seems to get a free ride inside. We usually kill at least about three mosquitoes a day somewhere in any one of our rooms and today, while getting my lunch, I killed one on my face! And she had blood in her!! Probably mine, as they LOVE me.

Just wondering: Do you have a mosquito problem where you live? Also, do they bite you and do you get whelps like I do? They don't seem to bother my daughter and I know a few other people like that. I wonder why they prefer certain folks over others. This is one area of popularity I could do without. Another question. It's my understanding that only the females bite. Could someone tell me why 99.5% of them are women?!

Oh well, waiting for the first frost.


Susan said...

Yes we have them!!! Yes, they love me and yes again, I get huge whelps from them. The other thing, the more moisture we have the worse they are. I don't know about the female issue.

Linda said...

I can't answer that one Maxine. We do have them - but I think the fact that it has been so dry all summer has kept their numbers down.
I've been bitten and do get big whelps too Maxine. They are definitely pests!


We haven't had very many this year, no rain, no water standing. So, few of these pests.

I don't get bit very often by them either but fleas make up for it all. I hate fleas. Occasionally we get them in the yard when we have a lot of cats visiting us. lol

It sounds as though you are allergic to them. Hopefully soon when it get cooler they will go. If you have any standing water, that makes them very bad. Have a good day and may your mosquitoes be very few. connie

Debra said...

Maxine, I have this same problem. Seems like I am the only one that seems to get bitten by these creatures and yes they whelp up like crazy! I'm also very allergic to ant bites too. I'm so looking forward to the fall season this year and seems like it will arrive early. So maybe it won't be too long and they will go away!

Blessings friend, have a great day.

Bethany said...

We have them but I am sorry to tell you they don't bother me... I probably eat to much garlic for their taste! I am sorry they like you so much, just remember, "Count it all joy, my brothers when you meet trials of VARIOUS KINDS..." Hope the frost comes soon!
Blessings! (on you... not the "pests"!)

Susan Skitt said...

It's because you are so sweet Maxine :)

Beverly said...

Well as you know, we don't really have them at our house. I don't know why. I can probably count on one hand the times I've seen one! But the last two weeks when we've gotten in the car from church, we've brought one from Jersey to PA, and she has bitten me all the way home. And yes, I get huge, painful, hard lumps. :-(

Cathy said...

Thank goodness we don't have that problem here. That can be dangerous, Maxine. I did hear just recently that they like to bite women.

Mary Baker said...

Hi Maxine,

Thanks for stopping by. I was so blessed by the response to the article on American Thinker. I changed my blog name this morning so other can find me as well. You know I live in Houston. There was was upon a time when they were really really bad, but I have not been bitten by one since we moved back to Houston.

I see them every once and a while but not often. It's great to connect with you may you be richly blessed. I love you site.