Monday, September 14, 2009


I am encouraged. For one thing, I was encouraged by the happenings in Washington on Saturday the 12th. If you have not read about it, please do!

But what really made me feel not so alone on where I stand on the issues, most particularly, about what is going on in America, is this article written by a lady who none of us have ever heard of. But judging by the comments she received on this article, I don't think it's the last time we'll hear from Mary. From the comments, it seems that people of all races were excited and warmed by this article, and it's one more thing that is starting to make me feel as though there is hope. But why wouldn't there be hope? Christians have been praying!

I think some of you may read posts at the "American Thinker" site. I've heard of it, but never have gone there much. I read at another blog that someone was recommending that folks read the article so I went. I am glad I did and thought perhaps you would like it too. Here it is. You'll get the most benefit from this if you have time to also read what most of the commenters have to say. Of course, there would be the expected comments from "trolls," but they are greatly outnumbered. So, by and large, it is one more thing that the Lord has sent to help us to keep pressing on.