Friday, September 11, 2009

My Way of Remembering

I don't know why, but there was something about this video that hit me. For some reason it made me teary. Actually, I was looking for something completely different to post about 9/11, but in my pursuit, I clicked on this out of curiosity. Maybe it struck something in me because of all of the talk this week about presidents and school children. Apparently, this video shows our then President after he heard about the second plane hitting the trade center. At that point, he was sitting there listening to these darling kids reciting their letters and sounds, while processing events that were to change our nation forever. Imagine, this man in the position he held, having just heard what he had, and needing to maintain his composure and continue to be interested in what was happening in this classroom. Early in the video you will see when someone comes over and whispers to him that earthshaking, historic information.

We all remember where we were and the circumstances we were in when we first heard the news about the attack. But imagine these children now and in the years to come. I would guess that they're in their early teens now. Do they ever have something to talk about when they remember 9/11. They will really have something to tell their children when that day is remembered in the years to come.

And of course, he will always remember that place and those circumstances when he first learned about it. Events that followed in the years to come would prove to make him fiercely hated by some and intensely loved and appreciated by others. In the news, we were to find that we would hear little about the latter. Later that day, in a short message to the nation at Andrews AFB, he said: "We will do all that is necessary to protect America and the American people" from such a thing ever happening again. I believe that he meant it with all his heart, and that he did just what he said he would do.

So, this is my way of remembering 9/11 this year, amidst fervent prayers for the country I love. Many people across this land are meeting today at county courthouses to pray. I wasn't able to go myself, but I sure can do the praying part. Please dear Lord, bless America, and help her, and forgive her.


LisaShaw said...

This brought me to tears just thinking about what he must have been thinking about as the President of the United States knowing lives were being taken that moment while he also had to love on those children.

Many bash Bush for the decisions he made but none were walking in his shoes that day or the following days/years ahead. His decisions were to keep us safe.

Maxine said...

Amen, Lisa. And thank God for it.

Dana said...

Awesome!! This made me cry too. Do you think President Bush was concerned about the safety of those beautiful school children, thinking that the terrorists may try to attack where he was? I'll bet he was praying. I can't imagine keeping my composure that well. I know I freaked out when I heard of the 2nd tower hit. I was frantic, wanting to know exactly where my children were. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Dana said...

Thank you for sharing this with us today. It brought tears to my eyes too. Don't you think President Bush was fearful for the lives of those beautiful children. Thinking maybe the next attack would be concentrated on him personally. I can't imagine keeping my composure that well. I totally freaked out when I heard of the 2nd tower hit. All I could think about was " I want my kids, NOW" My children were grown (it was my youngest 21st birthday). One was a truck driver and I had no idea where in the US he was! You know President Bush was extremely worried about his own family and yet he kept it together. Thanks again for sharing. I needed to see this today.


It also brought tears to my eyes and a feeling of compassion once again for a Man who had just had a hugh burden placed on his shoulders and with the help of his Lord God, I believe he handled it beautifully. I remember this day, I remember George Bush and the way he tried to keep us safe and I am thankful to God for him and to the Lord for getting us through those very hard days. Thank you for posting the video, Maxine. love you. connie

Beverly said...

Thanks for posting this. I had forgotten about where President Bush was when he found out. What amazing composure, and what must have been running through his mind. I do think he probably started to pray.

Susan said...

I heard on the radio today that some students, when asked to write about their feelings and where they were on 9/11 couldn't even remember. The teacher said trying to teach building up to 9/11 was like trying to get the students to understand the Civil War. I keep thinking I can't be shocked any more....but each day I am!!!!

Thank God for President Bush and Vice President Cheney and all they did to keep our nation safe for their remaining time in office. I can old imagine how this day must effect them.

I know when I saw the 2nd plane hit I knew it was terriosts. My fellow employees were shocked and wanted to know how I knew that. I just did.

Susan said...

Thanks so much Maxine!!

Gosh, this hit me really hard watching it again.

I almost forgot where the President was that day, oh my...

Truly it was the grace of God he could sit there and smile.

God has been merciful to our nation, time and time again.

Thank God for the freedom we have.

God Bless the USA!

sparrow's song said...

You've touched my heart with this. 9-11 will always be a tender spot for me. Your post made me teary as I started reading your words. There was a time and place for everything and the President probably knew that in that moment others were taking care of things so he could give himself to these children.

On another note: I like how this teacher motivates her class. She's quick, having command with an air of confidence which draws the children in. They wouldn't have a moment to be wandering in thought. And as much as I appreciate this video, I would have liked to see more of the children's faces instead of the backs of heads.