Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let's Keep Trusting

In recent days and weeks, many of us have been rejoicing over additions to our families. I know that on blogs I frequent and in my writing groups, new babies have been abounding. Among these new arrivals have been a particularly large percentage of new daughters and granddaughters, it seems. And there are still more coming. But today my thoughts keep going over to the Lancaster County Amish community, where there are many who have tragically lost daughters and granddaughters. I’m sure you’ve heard about it. For many of us, these dear folks have been heavy on our hearts and in our prayers. I know for me, this has been so hard to process. I am telling myself, and telling all of us, that we must keep trusting in our God even in such a time as this, when sin and evil rears its ugly head and brings harm to the harmless. And He would have us to grieve along with even those we do not know.

Today, I think I’ll meditate on the following words I found in one of the Streams in the Desert devotions. I think I need to. Maybe you do too.

I do not ask that He must prove

His Word is true to me,
And that before I can believe
He first must let me see.
It is enough for me to know
'Tis true because He says 'tis so;
On His unchanging Word I'll stand
And trust till I can understand.
--E. M. Winter

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Mrs. S said...

Thank you for that reminder and those encouraging words.