Thursday, October 26, 2006

Smells, Tastes, and Other Things

You have set all the borders of the earth; You have made summer and winter. Psalm 74:17

I thank the Lord for all of the seasons, but autumn is, and has always been, my favorite. Typically, there is a sense in which I “come alive” after summer (my least favorite). I know many people agree with me. Here are some of the things I like best about this time of year:

§ The smell of popcorn
§ Coming into a warm house on a blustery day
§ Taking walks
§ Pumpkin (sweet potato) pie
§ The return of the juncos
§ The death of mosquitoes
§ The color of the leaves
§ Thanksgiving
§ Getting up an hour later (when daylight time ends)
§ Raking leaves (good exercise)
§ The World Series
§ Hot cider
§ The smell of turkey cooking
§ Another chance to voice our displeasure (or support) at the polls
§ Apple cake
§ The freshness of the air (no humidity)
§ This year, the arrival of Selena

If anybody wants to talk about something they’d like to add (or delete) from this list, feel free. Did you notice how many items on this list are related to my stomach? Guess I better watch out or all those lost pounds will return by spring!

A question: Why is it that each of the other seasons has only one title that is used to refer to it? Why is this season called both fall and autumn? Just curious.


Sara said...

I love fall too! I used to like summer the best, but now I appreciate the cooler weather more. :) I love your posts Nanna!!

Mrs. S said...

Me too, Me too! I love fall/autumn. It is called fall in the US, because this is the time that the leaves fall off of the trees. Can I add one thing to your list? This is the time of year when you can wrap yourself up in a big, snuggly blanket!! In fact, this morning, Lena and I did just that ... together.

Phoebe said...

You forgot pumpkin muffins (with cinnamon chips!) I suppose autumn is more proper, but we Yanks like to shorten everything, & after all, the leaves do FALL. ;) Speaking as 1 raised in the desert, my favorite is a dry (not humid) summer.

Did u get the hug I sent via our friends who live in Turkey? No, no diagnosis yet... Thx 4 ur caring words.

Phoebe said...

BTW, how do I post photos?

Phoebe said...

The insert photo box didn't show up at first (in "blog this"), but when I went to edit my post it did. Even then, I could not get the url to work (from my photobucket), but I could browse my computer & upload a pic. That works for me!