Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sometime, Somewhere

Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord! Psalm 27:14

Selena has not learned to patiently wait yet. Like any full-blooded, healthy six week old individual, when her stomach’s empty, she wants to eat and she wants to eat NOW. Nothing can be more pleasant and delightful than a happy and contented baby with a full stomach, but on the other hand…well, you know how it is at the time when they need a meal. They just don’t handle delays well.

My granddaughter has many lessons to learn about delays. They’re the same lessons that all of us have had to learn. Many are just little day by day things, like waiting for dinner when we’re hungry. But delays are often difficult, sometimes downright painful. For some of us, God has seen fit to withhold a desired thing for a long time. Sometimes He’s put us through a season of grief or suffering that is a long time ending. I know a few people who are going through such times right now. Today, I have another gem for them. It’s another one from Streams in the Desert. I just have to post it here; it is so packed with truth.

I hope it’s a blessing to someone who is weak and weary right now. I also hope our little Selena will begin to learn its truths someday, along with all of the other lessons ahead for her. I even think that’s beginning to happen already.

Unanswered yet the prayer your lips have pleaded
In agony of heart these many years?
Does faith begin to fail? Is hope departing?
And think you all in vain those falling tears?
Say not the Father hath not heard your prayer;
You shall have your desire sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Nay do not say ungranted;
Perhaps your work is not yet wholly done.
The work began when first your prayer was uttered,
And God will finish what He has begun.
If you will keep the incense burning there,
His glory you shall see sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Faith cannot be unanswered,
Her feet are firmly planted on the Rock;
Amid the wildest storms she stands undaunted,
Nor quails before the loudest thunder shock.
She knows Omnipotence has heard her prayer,
And cries, "It shall be done"--sometime, somewhere.

--Charles D. Tillman, 1894


Mrs. S said...

That poem is absolutely beautiful. I know it will be a great encouragement to those whose hearts are sick from hopes deferred.

Sara said...

Oh that is beautiful! Thank you for posting this poem!

johnnyqlingo said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting the Poem. I was searching for my old LDS hymnal, but couldn't find it. By the way, the actual author of the poem is Charles Tilman, 1894. I'm not sure if you meant to attribute it to Ophelia Browning.

Maxine said...

Thanks for that last post and thanks for letting me know about the authorship of this poem. I checked and you are correct. I will change the author on the post to Charles Tillman.