Monday, April 23, 2007

Mind Exerciser #3

Finally! I get to post another riddle. It’s long overdue; one thing after another has prevented me from keeping up with my promised mind exercisers. I hope I do better in the future, because I thoroughly enjoy doing them. I’m still not able to offer any prizes as I see others are doing for various blog activities, but until I have something worthwhile to give, my “prize” will still be publicity for the winner’s blog, if there is one, and if not, I’d love to tell a little about the winning person, if they let me! Also, I now have a “certificate of achievement” to award to people who are the first to guess right on any of the riddles or puzzles. Winners can pick it up and display it, if they want to, on their own blogs (free advertisement for me, of course) and we’ll all be having fun! However, you are under no obligation to display the certificate—I will anyway.

Bear in mind that most of these puzzles and stories are written by me, so forgive me if there are any flaws. The author of this riddle accepts no responsibility to any injury or damage to the brain caused by the reader’s participation therewith.

Okay. Here goes for this time. Remember the rules, first to guess right is the winner. If you see that someone has answered what you think is right, it’s okay to mention that but take another guess anyway, just in case. I want a winner, because if no one guesses, I think it’s a reflection on the riddle and I don’t want to write defective ones! Answer will be posted on Friday.

There is something that you possess one at a time.
Your mother has seen it more often than you have.
Each time you have one, something goes up and then down while it is with you.
Something else travels in a circle twice by the time it leaves you.


Note: I do ask that if you make a guess, that you not give any clues that others could use. Just make the guess, please. WILD GUESSES ACCEPTED!


Mommysmart said...

Ok, wild guess....

A day

This was fun and you are a great riddler. Thanks for all of your supportive comments on my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Beka said...

Is it a birthday??


My guess, a sunrise.

I enjoyed your visit to my blog and I will be coming back to yours. connie from Texas

Maxine said...

I'm very proud of all these good guessers already! I just wanted to remind you that I won't say whether or not anyone was right or not until Friday. I want guesses, even wild ones, to keep coming. Thanks for the brave ones who tried already.

Beverly said...

Woe is me, for I cannot guess. Mt dear mother has banned me from her riddle contests.

Elise said...

Beverly is banned? Then I don't wanna play! :) Just kidding.
I have no guesses. Okay, maybe, a year in your life? Wild. Totally wild.

Bethany said...

Birthday sounds right and I can't think of anything else! I hope I'm at least close! Sorry I can't think of anything else, I tried, but I just completed a dozen or so games of scrabble and my brain can't take much more!