Monday, April 16, 2007

Sad News

I had made up my mind the other day that I would finally post another riddle on Monday—I’m long overdue. But I can’t, not today. There has been too much sadness on the news today. Flooding here in our area and then the tragedy in Virginia. I was thinking to myself, “What in the world could I possibly say about all this?” The best thing I could say is what we already know--we need prayer. Badly. Our area needs prayer due to the flooding and our nation needs prayer as, once again, we are horrified by senseless violence. A few minutes ago, I got a forwarded message from the Presidential Prayer Team, which I hadn’t heard of before. It was a Prayer Alert about the shootings. They wanted the following prayer forwarded to others. So, instead of posting a riddle, I’ll just copy that prayer here. No need to comment. Let’s just pray. Thanks.

Heavenly Father, come with Your peace to the students, faculty and staff at Virginia Tech, and to the greater community of Blacksburg. Calm their fears and bring Your comforting presence. Give wisdom and strength to the administration of the University as they deal with this crisis. Grant healing and comfort to the injured and wisdom to those treating them.

Bring Your powerful strength and presence to those families who will soon hear the sad news that their loved one has been killed. Send Your ministering spirits to heal and restore the entire community as they seek to recover from this horrendous act of violence.

Call our nation to repentance and righteousness, that You may heal our land from all that troubles us. Amen.