Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Now, My Five

Yesterday, I got a sweet surprise that uplifted my spirits and encouraged me to press on. I was tagged. When I was growing up, “tagged” was something you did with your hand to touch another person in a way that meant they were “it” for whatever the requirements of the game were. I am just getting used to what it means to get tagged in the blogging world. A young lady named Elise was sweet enough to name this blog as one which has made her “think” and I want to thank her for that. I consider that an honor coming from her. I have enjoyed going to her place, A Path Made Straight, to hear her words of wisdom for a few months now, but since she got me first, I suppose she can’t be on my list. Also, by daughter Bev is taking one of the other ones I would have named.

I’m super busy right today, but thought I better do this now or I’ll never get to it. My understanding is that I should post my “awards” to five bloggers who have made me think along my cyber journey:

1. Vicki, whose blog is called Windows to My Soul, is a must on my list. Anyone who lifts my thoughts to God has my vote! And this is what Vicki does for me. She often posts quotes by Spurgeon, Ryle and other men whose words provoke us heavenward. She and her family are going through some difficulties right now, but she still inspires the rest of us with posts like this one.

2. Next, I’ll tag Lori, whose blog is called Lori’s Lines. I came across this dear lady on a CWO random click when she was going through the adoption process to bring home her daughter Sonja from Guatemala. Because my daughters are also adopted, I was particularly touched by this post some time ago. I consider Lori a friend now and rejoice with her as Sonja is now home. If you go to her blog, you’ll see lots of pictures of her really cute kids!

3. I have a sweet teenager friend and I can’t have a list of notable blogs without hers. Sara has been a caring older friend to my younger daughter Neesie. She has encouraged Neesie in the faith and does the same for others on her blog called “Princess” for her name. She posts cute pictures as well as Scriptures and hymns. It’s very refreshing to see a girl her age have a desire for the things of God. She’s at Xanga, so everyone may not be able to get to her, but here is one of my favorites that she posted.

4. One of my first blogging friends was Donna at Devotionals for Donna. At the very beginning, she gave me helpful advice at a Yahoo group we both belong to. She probably doesn’t even remember that. So every now and then, I stop by to see Donna to see what treasures she has for me that day. I enjoyed her February 20th post, but for some reason can't link directly to it. Go to her site and scroll down to read it.

5. Recently, I discovered another blog which is becoming a frequent place that I visit. She hasn’t known I exist, but she is a sister who also blogs for the persecuted church. I can see that we are likeminded in many ways so I think I will continue to go visit Barbara at Tidbits and Treasures often. Her post for Monday of this week is worth your reading.

So the way I understand it, these bloggers are tagged to do what I've done. I consider them friends I have made along my blogging journey. As others have said, there are more folks I like to visit and who have worthwhile things to say. You can see some of them on my sidebar, but there are even more.

Thanks again, Elise! You blessed this lady’s heart yesterday!


Barbara said...

Maxine, thanks for your comment at my site. And, I thank you for including me in your five who make you think during your travels in cyberspace. I'm honored to be among those five. Lori's Lines I have visited, but will go check out the others. There are so many who have impacted my life and thinking since I've been blogging.

Pray I continue to do what the Lord calls me to do. Sometimes it's hard when you start getting a backlash from others, but I'll continue on until God says 'that's enough'.

Sara said...

Awwww...thank you so much Mrs. R!!! Sometimes I wonder if my xanga site is really meaningful or not. Your review was very encouraging!!! Thank you so much for being like a second mom to me. :)
Much Love,

Sara said...

oh, do I need to post something like this on my xanga now?

Beverly said...

Great blogs, all of them!

Vicki said...

Thank you SO much, Maxine. What a blessing you are to me. The Lord used you to call me to press forward, even as we face hardships. His grace is reliable through every trial.

love & hugs to you,

Lori said...

Maxine - Thank you so much for your sweet comments on your blog and for tagging me!! You inspire me to go deeper with God! I thought there were times that I was pretty deep, but you inspire and teach me that the depths of God are beyond our imagination!!

Maxine said...

For Sara and any others who wonder, it's my understanding that each of my five are to do as I have done and pick five people. But if any of you are too strapped for time or even emotionally not up to it, nobody will be offended if you can't do it.

Lori said...

I put you under my tagged, but because you already did one, you don't need to do another!!! Thanks again!!!

Elise said...

You bless me, Maxine. We spur each other on, yes?
I am excited to visit all my "picks" picks! :)
Still go the taxes?

Donna J. Shepherd said...

I just saw this! Thanks so much for tagging me. For a while, I got a bit neglectful to update the blog, but you've given me a good dose of encouragement today. Thanks so much!