Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hello, Spring

As we say goodbye to March, let’s say hello to Spring. She was officially due about ten days ago, but was a bit hesitant to push her way in at that time, as Winter can be a bit of a ruffian. He was, unfortunately, arrogant and determined to overstay his allotted time again this year, a bit sour because his presence was interrupted by Unseasonably Mild for more days than usual back in December and January. Another reason for Winter's cantankerous behavior is that Snow had called and cancelled out several times until late in the season. Since Snow was a no show for so long, at least around here, Winter made a determined effort to not let him make a mockery of the whole thing, so he forced Snow into a couple of weak appearances late in the juncture.

At any rate, Spring has haltingly arrived and hopefully Winter will not attempt any curtain calls. She’s rather shy, you know, and as I said, Winter can be a scary sort of fellow when he’s disgruntled.

Dear Spring, she’s such a sweetie, kind and caring in so many ways, even with her tendency towards weepiness. Even when she’s delayed, isn’t it so nice of her to send Mr. Robin and Mr. Cardinal to serenade our weary souls and lift our hearts? Crocuses often have to endure the bitterness of Winter’s last ditched bites, but Spring tells them to lift their heads courageously and do their duty for a struggling humanity. Sweet Spring. How lovingly she summons the smiles of her sisters, Warmth and Sunshine, to cheer our spirits and call us out of our housebound existences, ready to walk, bike, garden, and so much more that strengthens and enlivens not just our spirits, but the bodies as well.

I am so thankful that she has come afresh, in all her beauty, aren’t you? I have no doubt that our Father in heaven sends her to us every year. We need her. I for one will receive her with a warm welcome and thank Him for Spring this year, once again. Even though she does bring caterpillars.


Beka said...

I really loved this post!
Yes, I will welcome Spring with open arms this year, too! Today doesn't feel very much like spring, but I hope sunshine and warmer breezes are just around the corner!

Beverly said...

I loved your personification of Winter and Spring. This was such a beautiful post with a lot of imagery.

I like how you said "... even with her tendency toward weepiness."

Sara said...

Yes, a very creative post! I love spring, and I hope winter won't inch its way back in.

Elise said...

How beautiful. We all long for Spring, I think. I really loved the phrase How lovingly she summons the smiles of her sisters, Warmth and Sunshine... Beautiful imagery!
You have something special to pick up at my place, Maxine!